My Boy: Part 34

I forgot to write about our PPT meeting to discuss Jorge’s IEP. The meeting was about 2 weeks ago. His principal, ASD teacher, mainstream teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, school sociologist, myself and my husband were in attendance. It was a pretty brief meeting. Everyone was so genuine and professional. I really admire Jorge’s team at his new school this year. They all really know my son and work together for his best interests. We had this meeting because he met all of his previous goals on his IEP and the team worked together to give him new goals that I believe are attainable very soon. Some things about rhyming , putting sounds together, routine but nothing too drastic. He is doing so well. Everyone was praising him and they each had a story to tell about Jorge. It felt good to be in a place where we can feel that they are really working for our son. He has progressed in so many wats that I sometimes forget that he has autism. He is a super hero. He is always trying. He lives going to school and taking the bus. He has friends and talks about them to us. We heard from the meeting that he is very comical and tries his very vest to focus and pay attention. He may have to be redirected at rimes but he participates with the rest of his classmates. This makes us very proud. He has music class, gym, art class along with his therapies. He really benefits from the whole package education. After the meeting we got a surprise. Jorge was singing Feliz Navidad along with his class to parents that had attended a PAC meeting in the cafeteria. We did not know this. It was great. He sang a little, jumped around and danced. Afterwards he got to sit on Santa’s lap and we took some pictures. He was not afraid at all and this was the first rime he sat with Santa. When Jorge saw us there at the school„ he got a little worried be cause he thought we were going to take him home with us. He wanted to stay in school and enjoy the day with his friends. That was really sweet.
Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more. There’s so much more. Christmas Show and Polar Express Day….plus Jorge”s achievements.


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