My Ausome Child

He is so awesome. He is an amazing, little human being. He is compassionate and loving. Yes, and wise beyond his years. He teaches us everyday. Sometimes there are meltdowns and sometimes there are sensory overloads. But, all the time, yes ALL the time – even in the midst of defying, screaming, crying – etc. – there is a boy, My Boy. A child who I love very much so. A child who deserves every great thing in the world that is beneficial for his being. A child destined for success and greatness while helping others reach their full potential. A child who is noble and string willed. A child who is unique and yet the “same” as the typical children in his age group. A child who is learning respect and the fine way to treat others- as well as all living things. A child who will defy all odds stacked against him. A child on the Autism Spectrum, my child.
It is not about awareness, it is about acceptance. Autism acceptance. That what it IS about. We are aware that autism exists – but we have to accept our children and all others on the spectrum. Give them the benefit of the doubt and never let a diagnosis define who they are. The world is a puzzle and my son is a piece that belongs to it just like every other child.
autism diagnosis
It is JUST a label. Labels are not good all the time. What happens when we do not like labels on our clothes, for example? We RIP them off!!!


We are Here…

I have not written a blog post in almost two weeks. The time has just been flying by. I have been working on many projects and been so emerged within my passion that I was wondering about the last blog post I made. JJ is doing very well in school. He has been improving on his homework skills and doing well all around. I do not remember exactly where we left off with his journey but all is great in the world. He plays, he messes, he laughs, he snacks and does everything a typical child does. He still loves to read, do sensory activities and create projects. He is cool, he is awesome and such a great kid overall. He has autism. AUTISM does not have him. So what does my son have? He has Compassion. He loves animals and babies. He has IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY. He has DREAMS and GOALS. He has ASPIRATIONS. He has LOVE. Autism is only a tiny chunk of who he is as a person in this world. He has HEART and CHARACTER. He is such an inspiration for pursuing our dreams and goals. We could not imagine our lives without him or autism. A blessing in disguise.

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Just a Little Bit…

10696219_523857847748687_5361401955451319389_n 11111111111111111 111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I really enjoy making educational arts and crafts as well as sensory activities. I also enjoy documenting the activities / lessons /arts & crafts I create in edited photos for Loorducation. The art of teaching and the fine art of education fascinate me. I believe in making learning fun. Learning is a hands on approach, using all senses for the ultimate learning experience. I love to design unique educational related items.

d.jpgThis is the first ever logo type image that I created on photoshop. I am about to design a new logo for Loorducation. I have to brainstorm and sketch some ideas as well.

Image jorgito5 j8 Image Image j9These photos and more can be found at It is a website that I created as a part of a project for my MEd program. All photos are owned and edited by me.

appl a1I am an autism mommy and I love to share my son’s story as well as to educate and inspire others who have family on the spectrum. Many posts about JJ, I copy over to so it can span a wider audience.

I share my vitual photo album at That is where you can find the following photos and more.

j11 wpid-img_20140607_123035_20140626101347070.jpg wpid-img_20140625_074552.jpg

I also share on where I have a variety of boards to check out.

10641228_523857821082023_4346234224908971191_n 10696219_523857847748687_5361401955451319389_n

I started a last year. It just so happened to be a few months after I created this blog and opened – both were requirements for my MEd program. I had to start a blog and post things for my classes and it took a whole turn when I started sharing my son’s journey with autism. Just a few days ago, was created with hopes of broadening the scope of my brand, Loorducation.

Loorducation has also recently joined the Google+ Community, so we are getting all that together.

Come on over and say hi!! We are making our way around the interwebs. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and share. There is so much more goodness to come. Thank you for being a part of this awesome journey.

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