Creating A Way




And we’re off…

JJ has been home sick for two days. He’s getting better today. We have been busy creating some fun and educational arts and crafts. It is fun to be creative. It is really helping his mood.


A gel and confetti filled sensory bag filled with colorful plastic dinosaurs. A great way to play search and find. It feels good and cool. It smells great and is squishy. A nice and soothing experience. Plus, it is colorful.


Here we have some Toy Story clips. They’re great for papers, cards and more. First I created the Chios with the images. Next we were thinking if what we can use the chips for besides counting and gaming. Here it is.


I created page markers too.
These are fun. They can be used to hold your child’s page in their favorite books.


Game Chips. I packaged a variety of 10 in each small bag. Very versatile and fun.

All items are customizable.
Available for purchase.



All Hands On Deck

IMG_20140926_165750 collage_20140921101720235 collage_20140921101822814 collage_20140921102102892 collage_20140921102225327 collage_20140921002345928

I like to keep little hands busy. Little hands are capable of big these. These sensory items we created rather quickly and it was a great experience. The touch, the colors, the coolness – he enjoyed it all. We made them out of everyday, safe materials from home. This is something that keeps them engaged and soothed.We love to create sensory around here and use it all the time as part of an integrated learning system.

Paint Me a Picture

IMG_20141006_153556 IMG_20141006_153958 IMG_20141006_154041 IMG_20141006_160411 IMG_20141006_160419 IMG_20141006_161328 IMG_20141006_161331 IMG_20141006_161334 IMG_20141006_161337

One day after school, I had a table set up for JJ. It was covered in newspapers. There were all types of papers to paint on set up. I put out all colors of paint and different styles of paint brushes. It was quite the invitation to paint. As soon as he got off of the bus, he flew to the table. He was very eager to start creating. He expressed how happy and excited he was. He really enjoyed it. This was something that he needed. It was very beneficial. That night he was calm and did a great job with homework.

Take time to paint.

A Look Into…

Just staring out in the other direction…Looking out of the window. What is he thinking? What can be going through his mind? As we sit and try to do some homework, he is preoccupied with other things. I keep having to call for his attention after we complete each math problem and writing one spelling word.

I ask myself, what does he see? What does he feel? There is a lot going on there. A lot, I can tell but I just wonder what exactly it is. It is intense. It is consuming him. I wonder what it could be. I have to call for him to focus and to come back to me and pay attention. He does, and then drifts away again. It must be special over there. I wonder what it could be. What is so fascinating?

To be a part of that world, just for a minute..I wonder. I just can only wonder.

He does super in school. He received A’s and B’s on his report card but we always receive notes saying too many reminders, trouble focusing,,,,Could he just e bored? Could his awesome mind be yearning for more greatness than what is being presented to him at that moment in time..I can only wonder.

He has told us he likes to think about Papa (God), his life and his family. He is only 6 years old. That is amazing. And I can only wonder. At the same time give thanks to God for this blessing that he has given to us. We are blessed to be parents of a wonderful, inspiring, indigo human being.


He is so much more than Autism……..