Blasts from the Past

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Give Back and Pay it Forward!!!!


OK so yesterday it was raining super hard and it was really foggy and my wipers were not working well and my windows were all fogged up and I hit a curb, drove up on an esplanade and dented my rim a bit and of course flattened my tire. He saw me, my mom and my son sitting in the car and said that he will change my tire and put the emergency one on. He saw everything so he waited to see as I pulled over. He was just coming from a restaurant across the street and he had a huge bag of food, so I know he was going to eat, most likely with his co workers. He was a technician for Optimum. He did not care that it was pouring and cold. He got soaked and he took about 30 minutes or so to change my tire because the lug nuts were super tight. Anyway, I kept thanking him and told him God sent him to me at the exact time.He would not accept money I had offered him or anything. He just told me that he had to help me. This is what the world needs more of. It is all about Karma. I promised God that I would pay it forward and more. thank you Nelson!!! And, today I got a new Michelin tire and it is all good even though I had to go to Costco, Firestone, Town Fair Tire before a place on Boston Ave. that gave me a good deal and changed my tire within 10 minutes. It was painstaking driving with a doughnut tire all the way from Bridgeport to Orange and Milford back to Bridgeport..yup but it is all good cause God has our backs!!! The moral of my story is that there should be only 2 speeds in life- giving BACK and paying it FORWARD.