Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I know it seems that we have been missing in action. I have not written a post in about 2 weeks and I know many of you are waiting to read part 28 of My Boy. Do not worry..it is surely on it’s way. There has been so much to do lately between school and everything else. I actually miss writing my blog. 

Today and everyday, I am thankful for God, my husband, my son, family, health and so much more. I just wanted to take this time out to say hello and hope that you enjoy this holiday season. Check back later for an exciting new post….

Also, I want to say that I am thankful for those of you that read, follow and look forward to my blog posts. I appreciate it as it really does mean a lot to me. Enjoy this wonderful day and make new memories.

Thanksgiving should not only be one day a year……




My Boy: Part 27

The parent / teacher conference went super well. Jorge came with us and behaved very well. He loves that school and really enjoys it there. He loves his teachers. We met with his primary ASD teacher and his mainstream Kindergarten teacher. They are both awesome and understanding. We could really see that they are dedicated in helping Jorge reach his goals and his full potential as well as beyond. I am very satisfied with the education that he is receiving. The best news of the night was that his IEP needs to be rewritten because he has mastered his goals already. The IEP was made in August so you can imagine how proud we are of Jorge for progressing and learning rapidly. I really liked the fact that his teacher stated that we needed another PPT meeting a d we did not have to ask for it. That’s awesome and that’s how I k ow they are on top of things. Jorge is doing super academically and he improves daily. The focus will be continuing strengthening his social skills and working on fine tuning his hand writing and fine motor skills. It’s awesome. His report card was excellent and he is on track. Autism does not have anything on him and it is due to the fact that we see it as a super ability. Because in reality if this is Autism, what is wrong with it? He loves people and animals and he adores God. He has empathy and loves caring for babies. Jorge loves hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy. He loves to snuggle and care for his guinea pig. He’s curious and asks many questions. He lines up his toys. He watches the same things. He becomes obsessed with certain things but that’s what makes him unique. We refuse to see it as a disability. From day one, it was hard to hear the diagnosis. It still feels like yesterday sometimes but I know we have come far. It is this way because we believe Autism is a gift in disguise. A blessing. Nit a disability but a super ability.


Only but sometimes does this super hero need to be in disguise.


Thank you,

My Boy: Part 26

While creating art the other day my son stated that he is the Ink.Master. He also requested to play the tuba. He Aldo wants to play the guitar and be a karate master. He told me yesterday that he loves karate. I believe it is really good therapy for him. He has always been drawn to art and music. He attempted to give my husband a tattoo using a Crayola. He told his daddy to extend his arm cause he is the ink master. He simulated a tattoo with the crayon and was on his way after about 30 seconds. He went to watch the same cartoon that he’s been watching for a couple weeks now…It gets more interesting
Stay tuned as we are off to parent/ teacher conferences..
Thank you for reading.


Autism is an amazing “thing” when looked at it with eyes of hope and faith.

Join our journey

My Boy: Part 25

“I love to do this Mommy (shaking/flapping hands vigorously), it makes me happy.” That is what my son says to me sometimes. When he actually does flap his hands, he let us know it is because he is excited and happy abouit something.

Well, yesterday at karate, he had a wonderful class. He did a complete split and was able to put his head down on the mat at the same time. He was the only Tiny Tiger who was able to do it. He is super flexible and always has been.

He has been doing well at school. He really enjoys it from the bus ride to and from to all the specials that they have. He is always busy. Next week is report conferences and I will be there with my husband.I can not wait to hear of the successes and improvements of our son. He is such a a blessing.

I never thought I would be on a part 25 story about my son. Just to think it all started with one post after a visit from the neurologist. We are determined to assist our son reaching his full potential. He has come a long way and we are proud of him. Autism does not stop him. What a huge difference dedication and faith make. I would not have it any other way. It was a blessing in disguise. A super ability. The point is to improve and not to stay on that same level of the spectrum as the doctor stated. That is a starting point awaiting enhancement and betterment.

If no one knows where Autism came from the no one can tell me that it does not have a cure. If Autism is a life long happening, so be it, I will take that as well because I do not see my son any different from a typical child.

God bless.

Thank you,


My Boy: Part 24

Yesterday at Karate…just could not get Jorge to stay in line and focus. Once that music went on for the obstacle course, he started moving. Shaking, jumping, kicking and all sorts of flapping. It was some techno type music
It really got him pumped. He became over stimulated and could not snap out of it. Needless to say he missed his turn because he was just bouncing around in the moment. I have not seen him like that in such a long time. The loud music and lights just over stimulated his senses. I have video of him doing super high karate kicks and poses and going with the rhythm. At the time, I keep telling him to get back back in line over and over again. It just was not happening. I could not get through. When I gave it some thought I realized he was stimming and for a long time at that. He did not hurt himself or anyone else so I am good with that. His karate Master knows he has Autism and understands. The parents really do not know. They think he is so funny and they laugh as if he was the class clown. Some things he does are funny but I wish the parents could understand. I mean this hasn’t happened for a very long time. The extent of the stimming and all…I just want more awareness. Awareness is what is needed. Autism is not contagious. Its his super ability.


Sometimes it happens and many times, it does not. I just wonder what it’s like inside of his brain while all of this is happening. I bet it is magical.
Thank you everyone!!!


My Boy: Part 23

I remember when Jorge would watch Toy Story 3 over and over again. Not just in one day, but day after day and week after week. That was his obsession for a while. I remember when he likes to wear the same pajamas night after night and watch the same cartoons. We have Hulu Plus and each day he will pick the same kind of shows with the exact episodes that he has recently viewed. He remembers the names of the episodes and asks to play each one. He likes the tags ripped off all of his stuffed animals and clothes. He likes to use the green crayon most often. If he falls asleep with a  certain T shirt on, he will want to wear it in the morning. He became obsessed with Ninja Turtles after giving up Buzz Lightyear which I never thought he would. He used to be extremely scared of flushing toilets and the sound of the hand dryer in public restrooms. The bright lights and strong sun are not his favorite things. Even though it is cold, he insists on waiting for the school bus outside. He switches between right and left hand when he does his homework and art work. He is becoming a karate master and insists that we “box”. He talks. Yes, we waited years to hear his voice but he talks and he read..He loves to read. He loves books and he reads a lot. He has been reading for a very long time now. I am so proud of him. When he was three years old, he was said to be in the middle of the Autism Spectrum but from then and until forever he is in my heart.

He is high functioning. I thank God everyday for the blessings. Just because he was once in the middle does not mean that is where he was bound to stay. It is a spectrum for a reason. He has improved and continues to improve each day. It is important to keep going forward. Never giving up. Where there is Faith, there are great things. Dedication is a key factor. I am not trying to change my son at all. I do not wish Autism away. It is his super ability. I just work with him all the time to ensure that he will lead the best life possible with all the capabilities necessary. Going from non verbal to non stop talking in a couple years is a great window of opportunity of hope, that with Love and first and foremost God..All things are possible.

Thank you.

Comments and Questions are always welcome here.

Dany ❤

My Boy:Part 22

Jorge was Batman for Halloween. He loved it so much. He kept his mask on longer than I thought he would. He had so much fun looking at all of the other children walking around the mall in their costumes. He did say trick or treat a few times and thank you as well. I was so proud of him. He did not have a sensory overload. It was a lot to take on. The lights were bright. There were a lot of people and it was crowded. The noise and surrounding sounds.were full force. He was in his own world, enjoying the festivities. After a while, he did not care about collecting candy and he wanted to play. I took him to the play area and he had a blast running around with the other children dressed up too.


I would not have expected this last year. I believe it would have been all too much but as always Jorge seems to keep proving Autism wrong. Its like he’s saying, “you’re not going to win.” This is true. Autism is not going to win. Jorge is going to win. With the attitude of Autism being a super ability,we got it in the bag. We’re on a mission, an important one at that. We will continue to triumph over the days that seem to overwhelm and turn every negative into a positive one. You can too!!! Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for part 23 coming very soon. As always, questions and comments welcome. Autism is a journey. Its about perception and perceverence. Its about love, faith and hope. Its about removing the disability status and reclaiming our children as indigos with super abilities. We can do it!!!
With love,


Hi everyone!!! How are you? How was Halloween with the kids? I haven’t posted in a few days because I have been very sick. Just starting to get better. I’m ready to share more of Jorge Juan’s Autism journey with you. We are going to karate now. Be on the look out for an awesome inspiring blog post tonight. Please share with your friends. Look for us on twitter @Loorducation and on Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/loorducation. Feeling better, so it’s back to homework and adding beneficial content to my blog and other pages.


What would you like to see? Keep in touch. My appetite is finally back so I want to eat a big, juicy cheeseburger with the works. Yummy..that will also give me more energy for new ideas. Many great things in the work. Keep stopping by. Thank you everyone.