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What Does Autism Mean to you?

I’m looking for all comments from families  and friends that know someone with autism. As well I’m looking for comments from people on the spectrum. I am wondering what it is like for you. Autism is a wide spectrum “super ability”. I’d love to hear about you since you have been supportive reading about my son Jorge.


Please share with others as well. Thanks for the support. Look forward to hearing from you all. As always, questions for us are always welcome.

This Could be My Boy: Part 4

I still can not believe this child is missing. How can something like this happen? This could be my boy…Never give up hope. Please help in anyway you can. Like I have said before, I do not know Avonte or his family personally, but this could easily be my boy.

This is the updated flyer. This child could be anywhere. How are you going to help? What if this was your child? This is the link to the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Avonte-Home/414437158656906

It is very cold outside. I know if he was outdoors, someone had to have seen him, they have to had help in some way. This world still has good people in it so please if you have him or think you may have seen him, Call the police!!! This child can not speak but he needs to be with his family as our children need to be with us!! Do whatever you can to help. This could be my boy.

My Boy: Part 21

My son has been in Kindergarten for about 2 months now. It has been a positive adventure so far as he is learning so much. He has homework four days a week and comes home with lots of papers and activities that they do in school. He has been very busy. That is great because it keeps him occupied. He has watched a lot of his shows this weekend because we have been sick. I had to pick him up early on Friday but he did not even want to leave. As he told me, he wanted to stay at school. That is a positive thing. It made me feel good because he feels safe and comfortable in that environment. Like I have been saying, I do not know where his autistic symptoms are going. He did flap his hands for a short bit yesterday but nothing more. Thank God he has been calm and no tantrums. Yesterday he was having a bit of a hard time looking for his costume in different stores but nothing major, just as any typical child would react.

I started to write about my son after I had written a status on my Facebook page the day after he visited the neurologist. As his therapists are saying as well, it seems like his symptoms are disappearing. If they did not know “better” they would not think that he has autism. Maybe he is in remission. Maybe he is recovering. What could be going on? If there was a cure, it would be unconditional love and acceptance. Seeing Autism as a super ability and not a disability works wonders.

Could it be that we never wanted to cure him? Because what is wrong with a child who is loyal, compassionate, empathetic, sweet and has faith in God? right, nothing at all.

I have the same but different child I did several years ago. He has just developed because of Love and Hope. He has been through many tests for many different things. That was harder to witness than any autism characteristic. He still loves to hold onto the tiniest of stickers when rewarded or a specific item but where did everything go? I wonder in amazement.

As for any of you, who have a child who has been diagnosed with Autism, never lose hope. There are hard days, there are plateaus but with God, all things are possible. No one can explain where exactly Autism came from or what causes it. It just is. Look at it with different eyes.


My Boy: Part 20

Oh Autism, where did you go? I am not complaining, just curious. It seems like each and every day, we have improvements here. This is why you should never give up; there is always hope. Some days may be hard but when you pull through, it make sit all worth while. that is what we have learned. It has taken us some years to get to where we are. It is all about faith, love, dedication, early intervention, therapies, commitment and accepting the diagnosis. This does not mean it is a life sentence. First step is accepting autism and the next step is to work on bettering the life of the child. This is what we did. We could not help our son if we did not admit or accept that he has autism.

So that is what we did. I always had in mind that everything is about perception and the diagnosis of autism is not the end of the world but in fact it is the beginning of a new one. Everything will get better. I know it was hard for years not to hear my son speak to us. It was difficult when he could not answer questions or say his name. Just knowing that one day we will made all the difference. Now did we know? It was just faith in God. Something that we deeply desired so our son can live a fulfilled life.

For everything my son could not do at the time, I gave thanks to God for the things that he can do, for instance- seeing, walking, hearing and he was healthy. I just tried putting myself in his shoes and did things as I could at the time.

We just had to be proactive and looking for cues. At the same time doing what we can with the tools we had to improve quality of life. I thank God that this diagnosis coincided at the very moment I was enrolled in my class Teaching the Exceptional Child. I think that really made a big difference. I feel it just had to happen that way.

As always comments and questions are welcomed.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for part 21..coming soon!!!



My Boy: Part 19

I thank God everyday fro blessing us with such a special son. He is truly advancing in many ways. He just seems very typical lately. Yesterday, I had to send his teacher a note because his homework was way to easy for him. It was a sight word bard with the words and, I, the and like on it. He flew through it. That is because he has been reading books completely for a long time now and on a 1st grade and above level. I do not want him to become bored and I highly believe in differentiation. They are really awesome at that school and sent home appropriate work that would cause him to think instead of run through.

Take a LOOK –

So never give up. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, never give up. Keep the faith and remember all children can learn. Do not underestimate the power that is within them. Autism is a super power. If you would meet my son today, you would probably not think Autism…well until he stims. He was stimming a lot today. It was cute, I admit. he has been excited about Halloween. Oh yeah he wants to be batman, spider man, red power ranger, hulk, a mummy..and more. Great imagination. Let’s see where this goes..

Thanks for reading

As always, Questions and comments are always welcome



My Boy: Part 18

What is your super power?
42552 In our home, we have autism.

So it seems that Autism has been in “hiding” for a while.According to much of society and the lack of autism awareness, autism is many times looked down upon. My son has been doing very well. He is learning so much. I am in awe of him. Each day I am learning so much from him. He does well on the weekends and wakes up nicely come Monday morning- usually.

He engages in pretend play. He shows so much empathy and compassion. He cares for his guinea pig. He is a typical child with a super ability.

Thinking back over the past couple of years, Jorge has pretty much come full circle. He still is sensitive to sunlight, bright lights, loud noises and things of that nature. He has not been stimming and I must admit, I do miss seeing him stim. It has been a part of him.

He talks…and talks..and questions the world around him. He strikes up conversations and is not shy to help people in need, especially crying babies.

He eats on his own. He uses the bathroom and brushes his teeth on his own. He reached those goals. He has gotten there. There were times when those goals seemed far fetched but with determination and perseverance he hit the mark,

He tells us what he does and school and what food he eats for lunch. He can tell with with whom he did each lesson or project with and lets us know the rules of his classroom. He does his homework and chooses his own after school snack. He likes to have choices as with any child, typical or on the spectrum, choices are important for self-esteem.

We are very proud of my son and hopeful that he will lead a very successful life. There is no doubt in mind. He has inspired and done so much in these 5 years of his life. His love, compassion and energy is contagious- not his autism. Which, if it was, would not be so bad after all. Autism is not a life sentence, it is the beginning of life’s novel of never ending possibilities.




This Could be My Boy: Part 3

This child is still missing. Please help out and share. We all need to get together and show support. This could be my son and it could also be yours. I can not begin to imagine what the family is going through.


Look at this precious face. Help bring him home where he belongs. He can not tell you what he needs but I know, if he was my son, what he needs.

This is really close to home. I have an autistic son who needs to be supervised at all time  in school just like Avonte. Please, we can not let this happen. All children need to be watch carefully. This could be my son. I pray that he has a safe return home and that he is safe, wherever he may be. Please be on the look out. I pray that Aonte gets home.

Remember he does not talk but that does not mean he is less. If you see him, call the police. Please care for him until his family arrives. If that was my son I would want you to do the same.



My Boy: Part 17

Thursdays are a typically a long day for my son. He goes to school from 7:50 and arrives home about 3:30. Then at 5:00, he has his Speech Therapy session and at 6:00, he has karate. Wow, whew I get tired just thinking about it. He is doing super well.

Today, his therapist told me that he really does not need her services anymore. He has become really advanced for the one on one private speech therapy sessions. I was amazed. I knew that Jorge has been improving. I can just see it and feel it. Hard work and dedication. Then we talked for about 15 minutes (we were only a few minutes late to karate) and she was just telling me how smart he is, how advanced he has become. She has been his ST for a little over 2 years. When we first brought Jorge to her, he was non verbal and stimmed like there’s no tomorrow. Now, at the age of 5, she basically told me that her services for Jorge are not needed by him anymore. It was kind of bittersweet because she has been with him for  along time. At first he was going twice a week for speech therapy, then once a week and now once every two weeks. That is vast improvement. It gives me more hope everyday. She told us it is because we are good parents. That is one of the best compliments one could receive. As I have written, I resigned from my job as a lead pre kindergarten teacher to home school my son for the summer. And..we worked hard and never gave up. So she agrees with the neurologist and says as well, if she did not know Jorge, she would not even know think he has autism or was on the autism spectrum. She said if she had to evaluate him at this point and saw his diagnosis she would be surprised and have to disagree to that he has ASD. Maybe he is just AU-Some. But really that made my day. It made my day because as parents we are just doing our job loving and caring as well as teaching our son to be the best that he can be, to use his potential to the fullest. Best job ever, when you get paid with pure love.

I truly hope this inspires parents with children who have autism. I pray that it gives parents hopes and desires. Nothing is impossible with God. Believe and never give up. Autism is not a life sentence. Miracles happen. Things get better. Things flow. You are not alone. I have always been one to say that Autism is my son’s super ability. It is not a disability. A child that loves God, prays, shows affection, is kind to animals, tries, and has dreams; that is a child capable of changing the world.

Of course, when we first heard the diagnosis of Autism, a couple years ago, it was a bit difficult, never impossible. Although some days it did seem strenuous, that made us stronger. Even from that point, I have always said that is what the doctors says, just because he is on the middle of the spectrum now does not mean he will always be. That is just the perception of the doctor. I do not know where that positive energy came from but it is what we needed to move forward and be the advocates that our son and other children with autism need.

As always, all questions and comments are welcome.

Children with autism are just Au-Some

Dany – mommy to Jorge Juan
B.S.- Child Studies
M.Ed. candidate

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