My Boy: Part 90

AUTISM- What is it?  No, really..what IS it? Why does is vary so? Where did it come from?  Why is it here?  When will it leave? Will it ever leave?  Who does it affect?  How does it affect and/or interfere with everyday life?  Is it a life sentence?  Do you know someone who has autism? Can autism be “cured” or treated? Is autistic a term you use? What are the autism terms and labels?

I can only answer a few of those questions and from my point of view only. As you know, my son JJ, has autism. Yes, he is an ASD child. He is on the autism spectrum. He was first diagnosed with PDD at the age of 3. He is now 6. I do not tend to labels so there is no need for me to always state that my son is high functioning autistic. I just say, when necessary, that my son is on the autism spectrum and just plainly that he is autistic. I mean, does it matter? Really? I have a son. I do not introduce him as my autistic son. Questions? I welcome them. Comments, yes, those too. Productive ones I keep and destructive ones get thrown out. autism has been a part of our lives for a little over three years now, well more than that but we did not know. And, does that matter? Before my son and studying for my undergraduate degree, I did not know what autism was? Yes, was..It is always changing, right? Yes..I remember seeing billboards about autism 1 in 125..then 1 in 88 and son on. What is this autism> One thing I can tell you is that autism is not the end of the world but the beginning of a whole new one. Yes, my son has autism. Autism does not have him. It is his super power. We are focusing on him using it to his advantage. It will not hinder him but we will make sure it does better him. It is not a disease. My son is NOT disabled, he is different abled. His brain is wired differently. He is unique. He is in his own world and I love entering i with love, compassion and patience. I learn from him everyday. It may not be easy at times but it sure is worth it.

JJ is AUSOME. He is a child. He loves to play, watch TV, read and all that good stuff. He loves school. He loves snacks. He can be crabby. He can be stubborn. But he is worth it. He matters. Social skills are an everyday learning experience for all of us. He just needs a little extra help in the right direction.


Now, would you know if you saw him?


My Boy: Part 89

My son, JJ. WOW I never thought I would write so much about him but he is so inspiring. This is number 89 but there are many other posts about JJ and autism that are named differently. Anyhow, I figured I would stop at the golden number 100. A book on his journey is looking to be in the works. I hope you all join us on that adventure when that happens. there is so much more to experience…

I love him. I love his little quirks. I “forget” that he has autism sometimes. A blessing in disguise. I would not want to change him at all. Like he told me yesterday, “God made you and I love you. You are the best mom ever.” That made my heart melt. I want that to stay forever. It makes you forget about meltdowns and stubbornness. I am blessed. My piece to the puzzle. He is a good boy most of the time. Sometimes he gives me the run for my money but overall I would not have it any other way. He loves to hang out with us and is very close to me and my husband. He gives so much love. He is amazing. He is JJ and he has autism. Autism does not have him. He likes to do a lot of hands on activities and projects. He loves to pretend and play school. AUTISM is his super power and we will always use it to his advantage for he is differently- abled not disabled .wpid-img_20140625_074552.jpg

Constructive Learning


Things have been going great at Loorducation. We have been very active. This past week we made many different sensory bags. We also used kinetic sand and cornstarch mixed with water for great sensory fun. These experiences went very well. After all the hand son activities, JJ wanted to play school. Without being prompted, he started to write spelling words and continued to write and draw. This was excellent. The sensory activities calmed him down and worked up his fine motor skills to prepare his hands for writing – willingly. I loved it, we went with it. We played school. He was the teacher. He even had to put his glasses on. He gave me a spelling test and corrected it with a star and happy face. He was so excited. This was great. He was really into it. He loves school and loves to learn. I am very blessed. His writing skills are coming along well. By giving him options and well needed breaks in between homework from the school week, he feels more secure and less pressured. Thus, causing him to be engaged and engrossed in spontaneous learning activities. Which, in turn, will gear him up and ready him for the next week of school academics. When children feel well, they will learn well. That is the bottom line. The well being comes first.

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My Boy: Part 88


First grade has been going really well. We are blessed that JJ loves going to school. This school year he is becoming more open and sharing with us what he does at school. He likes to state things in order such as first, second, third and next. He loves bringing his own lunch bag and so far this year has not tried to sneak any toys in his book bag. He has been handling his homework time very well and is learning to cooperate and handle himself in a better manner.

I have not seen him flap his hands in a while now, come to think of it. He still has his little quirks but the flapping has greatly decreased. When he was non verbal, the stimming was out of control. Humming, flapping, you name it- it was there. He is good. He is healthy. That is what matters. Autism, well it is just the icing on the cake and sometimes the cake may have too much icing. Sweetness overload? Or, something like that..

He is making strides, everyday. It is all the little things that count. It is about the journey because once we reach our destination, we must create another destination. The journey is what lasts. Making it valuable and worth while.

I work with  JJ everyday. Projects, activities, day trips..It is all therapy. It is all good. Come share in our experiences over at

We create, learn, play and more. Stop on by!!


Come and Visit

Hi everyone, I am inviting you to stop by and visit Loorducation on the interwebs. There are new things out there and lots more new and great things to come. It is very exciting as Loorducation is on its way to expansion. It is thanks to everyone that supports, comments, likes, reads and shares. It really means a lot. I want to put good out there. I want to inspire, educate and share. There is a lot to offer. I hope you all join me and continue with me on this wonderful educational journey. I would greatly appreciate if you share. Let me know if you do, and where so I could send you a shout out. Be on the look out for great things such as activities, projects and so much more. Let’s get creative!!

Peace, Love, and Education,

Dany Loor – M.Ed., BSCS


My Boy: Part 87 , Sorry to Bug You : )

About half of his books are about animals – animals of all kinds from sea creatures to Animals of Africa. Many books are also about bugs and insects too. Wild Kratts is his favorite show to watch. And, that is an understatement. Since we have Hulu, he watches it anytime he wants and picks out the exact episodes he wants and tells us all about the facts of the animals too. He searches for the titles. He also acts out the show with his creature power suit too!! He is krazy about the wild Kratts. He wants to be just like them.He imitates them and learns a lot from the show. He then tells us all facts and proper names and species of animals. He has a huge fascination with all types of creatures. He will pick up ladybugs, spiders, worms- anything like that when he is outdoors. That just bugs me out : )!

He collects snails from the beach. He likes plastic bugs to creep us out and have fun with. And, when we had our guinea pigs, he really loved them so much. He is a very sweet soul. He truly cares about the animals and loves learning all he can about them and all details as well. I did not know there were different types of eagles or that opossums are marsupials.

Can you help me out by sharing this post in hopes that it can get into the right hands and seen and noticed by the right eyes? I would love for my son to see the Wild Kratts live, or to hear from the brothers themselves, or get a special animal or anything that has to do with that show. Maybe an autographed picture or something like that. Basically anything Wild Kratts. It will be so so so much to me. JJ just loves animals and I can not express that enough. I would love to give him a great surprise for being such a good boy. It would mean a lot for him too.

His big focus is every sense. Being that he is on the autism spectrum, he finds something he loves and turns it into an obsession. It becomes a huge part of him. I am not asking this because my son is autistic, I am asking this because as a mom, I want to see my son happy and excited about learning. I am asking because it is something that he loves and that means so much to him. I am asking because he lights up learning about animals. It is his passion and it is in him.

Thank you All



Thank you in advance for your help. Hopefully, you will help make this happen and the Wild Kratts themselves can see this!! Think and Dream BIG and receive BIGGER, What if?


The Start of the Heart


The start of the heart is where it’s at.. The other day I quickly, and by quickly I mean in 30 seconds, made a heart graphic for a dear friend online. This friend is battling cancer, Chron’s disease and heart failure as well. NOT only that…BUT she has kicked cancer’s butt before – but wait, she was also in Hospice, for a very, very long time. She has been through Chemo and hospitalizations. She almost died before, YET she is still standing. The doctors tell her that she is dying again…Doctors are human, like you and I’ they can be wrong. right? Yes, they can. She did it before, she can do it again. Let us fill her bucket with so much hope and support that it will never run out.

Needless to say her plate is full. It is only natural to show her how much she is loved and to let her know that we all have her back.  But before this, another dear friend of mine, Lori, came up with the hashtag #teamrachele. This is to show everyone, especially our friend Rachele, that we are on her team and that we support her wholeheartedly. We use that hashtag to send her pics, memes, quotes and anything that we can to lift her spirits. We have to let her know that she is special. We met her through the autism community online. Many of us involved in this outpouring of support have children on the autism spectrum. Each and everyday, our friendships evolve and we get to know one another on a deeper, personal level and I am so blessed that our friend Rachele is here and sharing her journey with us all. She really is an amazing person who has unwavering strength. She can teach people a thing or two. She rocks and that is only part of the reason why we love her and she has our full support.

Now, on Facebook, there are at least 30 of us using the heart as our profile, group and cover photo pics. It is amazing and awesome to see the fantastic support that she really needs. To many, it is just another cute graphic; to us, it is the Love, support and coming together of friends. And, yes, this is real life. It is the start of the heart…

Messages of Hope for Rachele:

Love, your community of “sisters” and friends…. xxoo

Rachele, you are a strong woman, keep on fighting. Love you #teamrachele – Shari

Rachele. Wow. Words fail me. You are amazing. The love and care you give to those around you when it seems like your life is falling apart astounds me. You are my friend and I’m pushing AND pulling for you. Always. ((HUGS)) –  Jenn

Rachele, I admire your strength and willpower! You are an amazing and beautiful woman, inside and out!- Kimberly

Kimberly D. Gangl's photo.
Rachele you are an inspiration of love , strength , determination ,and yes hope. I love you Rachele and the way you keep cheering even when it is hard to breathe. Love hugs and prayers always. Nyla
Rachele, I just ‘met’ u and I already love u! U are amazing…such an inspiration to me…if u can go thru the things that u have, and still are..then I can surely overcome my measly problems!! Never Give Up!! Hugs to u and much love!! – Amy T.
My Dearest Rachele I admire your strength and courage. You really are a ray of sunshine. Never give up and never lose hope. You are my inspiration, love you bunches!!! – Amy L.
You’ve got an army of beautiful ladies here that are going to be fighting this fight with you!! We love you Rachele, don’t EVER forget that!! GO #teamrachele – Dusti
Your strength is SO admirable and you have to know that you are truly special if all these Mamas are rallied around you…take our strength and use it whenever you need it, honey…prayers sent up…xo – Krista
Rachel I know what you are going through and just look at all the love and prayers you have on your side. When you have such a beautiful team of supporters anything is possible. So keep your chin up, lean on us and take one day at a time. Love ya – Maureen
Rachele, doctors have been wrong before and will be again! Let our hearts and love help you to strengthen yours! We are in this to win it! Love ya! – Christy
Remarkable,Awesome,Caring,Heroic,Enduring,Loving,Everlasting,-Rachele you are all these things and more. #teamrachele – Bobbi
“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” (Emory Austin) You, my friend, are a singer. oxox, Becca
Dearest Rachele you had the courage and strength to kick cancers a$$ before. My thoughts are always with you willing you to become the warrior you were before. I believe you can put on your armor of courage, hope, strength, love and determination and defeat these diseases. You are surrounded by a sisterhood of warriors #teamrachele! You’ve got this! We’ve got this! Much love and respect…..Denice

Rachele, You are stronger than you think, I know this fight is hard, but you and your family are worth the fight. You inspire so many and you have cheated death before and I am sure you are strong enough to do it again! Look at all the people who are out here supporting you. We all think you can do this, that you are strong, brilliant, amazing and a true inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out! Fight the fight and when you need us we are here. – Dawn
Rachele, I admire your strength, your courage and your ability to find joy in the face of such adversity. Praying for you ~ Billie
Rachele, even though we are just getting to know each other in FB land I am in awe of your spirit and sense of humor in the face of such difficulties. I am on your side all the way, keep fighting, we are here with you. – Terry
Rachele for all you are enduring you still have kept a sense of humor and a light in your soul. You are an inspiration!! – Valerie
 Rachele, I admire your strength. I admire your courage. I admire your positive outlook. When most others cry, you laugh. When most others are angry, you are happy. When most others are giving up, you are continuing your fight. You are a beautiful person both inside and out, and I am glad that we are friends!- Julie
Sending you love & prayers, from Susie (-:
Rachele I so admire your strength and tenacity. You find a way to find humor in everything. Please know that there are many of us praying for you. Cate L.
Rachele, I admire your strength. You are a true warrior. You have our love and support. Please know we are praying for you. Hugs, Lisa. #teamrachele – Lisa
Rachele, words escape me because my heart feels for you what words cannot express. You are one of the strongest and most determined of anyone I’ve ever known. You can conquer anything you set out to do. Love you, mama #teamRachele – April
You Rock!!! You got this!!! You are strong, amazing and this world needs you, Your family needs you. You are not going anywhere ❤ xxoo Dany (me : ) )
UBUNTUUBUNTU – WE are all in this together!!!!
– Michelle
Please read.
Thank you.

(To Be Continued…)


  Who wants to play? Young children want to play. Play is a child’s work. It is what they do. Play is what a child needs and desires for a healthy development. Playing is learning. Children are very tactile, that is how they learn and explore the world around them. Children are movers. They are sponges absorbing information from everyone and everywhere. In order for optimal learning to take place, a child must have the freedom to move about the learning environment using all of their five senses. Young children are very hands on, so giving them opportunities to express themselves in Kindergarten is ideal and beneficial for their growing minds. This is why a curriculum based on constructivism is necessary.

Constructivism is a philosophy of education that is based on experimental learning through real life experiences and hands on activities that will construct and condition knowledge. During the early years of school, children need to play and make sense of the world around them. It is desirable for children to be in an environment where the philosophy of education is aimed at the ultimate benefit of the child. An early math and literacy curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, where children are free to learn from hands on experiences is beneficial. Children are natural movers and explorers, and therefore it is only natural to prepare a curriculum for them that is based on their needs, desires and interests. The philosophy of constructivism is a solid foundation for productivity and growth in young children. A Constructive-play based curriculum encourages discovery, hands on, experimental and task based learning. A curriculum that is based on constructivism is something that children naturally depend on in order to succeed in their environment.

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