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Strong Loving Autism Parents


This wonderful, heart warming and genuine post was written by my dear friend, Lisa. She is a great person and an amazing autism advocate for her son as well as all children on the spectrum. We met online and have many things in common other than both of our sons being on the autism spectrum. She runs an awesome autism page on Facebook, which is listed above. Go on over and have a visit, of course after you read this post. This will open your eyes to see how a diagnosis of autism is not the end of the world but a beginning of a new one. Let us all welcome Lisa.

xoxo, Dany


Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a stay at home Mom. I have been happily married to my husband for 18 years. My husband and I have four children, ages 17, 13, 9, and 8.  By no means am I a blogger, but I’m willing to learn. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Loorducation.



I received my sons diagnosis of PDD-NOS in October of 2008. My son just turned 2 in September. After my shock of the diagnosis; I knew somehow I had to accept it so I can help my son. I wasn’t even sure if I had the strength to be able to cope with raising a child on the spectrum. Jovani is my youngest of four. I was terrified. I didn’t know anyone else who had a child with Autism. I remember asking myself time and time again, Where do I go for support? Where do I go for help? What next.. I felt so alone. I felt that no one in my family or friends understood what I was going through.
One day I met a woman in my sons pediatrician office. She was sitting with her daughter. Again, not knowing anything about Autism, I noticed she had a tote bag. The tote bag had a ribbon ( Autism Ribbon) and under the ribbon it said “ I love someone with Autism”. I approached her and said, Excuse me my son was just diagnosed with Autism. She couldn’t speak to me much as her daughter was antsy. So she handed me a brochure. I went and read the brochure from back to front. I, of course did not call her right away. I was terrified. Terrified to learn something that I was unfamiliar. But eventually I did make that call and joined her support group. I joined the support group and learned so much. I was glad to be part of a group that accepted me and my family. I was happy to show my NT children that there were other families that had children with Autism. I wanted my NT children to know that even though their little brother was on the spectrum, we were going to learn about Autism together. The support group was a resourceful guide for my family and me. All the information I learned was due to attending parent support meetings. Each minute of gained knowledge turned into an hour. An hour turned into a day. A day turned into a week. Now five years later after my son diagnosis I am thankful. Thankful for the parent support group. Their support and understanding gave me strength to continue to advocate for my son. I learned through life that the only thing we truly own is the knowledge we gain. With that said, the knowledge I have gained learning about Autism, is one I want to share with as many parents as I can possibly reach. Initially, Autism was my worst enemy. I was angry as it took the normalcy away from my child. Away from my home. But as time went by I realized that Autism has been a special gift to our family.


Featuring Guest Blogger from Jsack1’s Blog

Life with my sensitive child

written by : JSACKMOM


Quick Intro:

Hi I’m J and I’m a stay at and work from home Mom of two sons. I work as a transcriptionist and raise them with my loving husband. I’m an avid reader and writer and I entered the blog world a year ago. My sweet son’s are my light and my loves as well as my amazing husband. Who allow me to be inspired and loved and able to share my journey. I’m honored to be guest blogging with the lovely Loorduation.

*JSACK MOM and I have become great friends who share many great things in common, not only a child on the spectrum. She is a sweet, caring soul who is very empathetic. She writes from the heart and her words come to life. I invite you to read this guest blogger post here. It is beautifully written and I am sure many out there, including myself can relate. Happy Reading FoLOORs!! Enjoy.

xo & Namaste. Dany


Tomorrow I have a meeting and I’m feeling very nervous about it. I’m asking for help for my son. I’ve been his Mom OT (occupational therapist) for a year now. I’ve wrote about his sensory “diet” before with exercise, deep pressure massage, skin brushing, and joint compressions. I’ve recently started using essentials oils and adding in more vitamins, and Epsom salt baths. I also use PECS (picture example cards) for transitions. He knows when we’re leaving for school, choices to make after we’re home play Legos, Color, cartoons etc. He knows what we do for quiet time, read, cuddle, yoga, or IPad time. He knows when his meal, snack, and bath times are. Now this may sound very structured and read that I’m a anal retentive control freak. I assure you this is not the case, he needs to know everything about his daily life as change is his nemesis. For some people change is comfortable, adaptable, and like an elixir in life. Not to my son, with his SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) it’s one of the most terrifying things to experience. With the traffic jam in his brain while trying to process his five senses, as well as the proprioceptive and vestibular ones, is a lot for him to take in. He gets exhausted as I can see how he struggles with a world that can be too indifferent, too loud, too bright, and too busy for him to live in. I keep him regulated as much as I can, and when I know there’s going to be a change I prepare him with social stories, plenty of positive feedback, and sensory tools like fidgets and things for him to safely chew. When we recently went away for the weekend we talked extensively about our trip beforehand. He knew we would drive there, stay at a hotel, go swimming, and watch hockey. When we arrived at the hotel my husband and our oldest son went for lunch. We decided to go swimming since we ate at the hockey game. I got our luggage upstairs and to the door and walked in. My sweet sensitive boy wouldn’t come, in he told me he was scared and stayed in the hall. I had to sit and hold him, assure him he was safe and I would protect him. As he’s very sensory he’s also highly sensitive to the spirit world and sees what others don’t. So it took me a half an hour to talk him into the room after blessing it and asking whoever was there to please go. If you’re still reading you’re probably thinking get that Mom a Xanax STAT!!! I get my son more than any other person on the planet, being empathic I feel what he sees. And sometimes I’ll see it too if I’m tuned right in. After all was settled we went for a swim and soak in the hot tub. This is just what the doctor ordered as we both felt refreshed and rejuvenated. So back to the room to shower and change and go for dinner. We walked over to McDonalds home of holy grail of chicken nuggets. The only chicken my son will eat by the way. We get our food and sit down to eat and then my son is upset. He wants to have his drink which I say after and I substitute for his water. Yes I get your typical 3 year old reaction of Noooooooo!!!! Then he just escalates from there as this McD’s doesn’t look like ours back home, why can’t he play, followed by crying and whining. As his frustration grows I’m almost packed up our food and ready to go. This time he’s in full sensory overload and the whole restaurant is there to watch the show! I’m dodging slaps, punches, and scratches, and yes I’m frustrated as well. I pick up my son and ask him to use his words and tell me how he feels. He says “I’m so scared Mommy I want to go home!” So back to the hotel we go, I held him in my arms and hugged him so tight. My heart was breaking for my sweet boy as he shared with me all the things he was scared of. Too many transitions in one day, tired, travelling, hungry, boom sensory overload was the result. So after I had him regulated and calm we watched cartoons and used my Sesame Street app called Breathe to help. Which brings me to the meeting I have tomorrow, I’m asking for help with my sons needs. It’s not easy for me to ask for assistance but yet here I am doing it. I’m scared of handing over the reins of his primary care but I’m also exhausted. I’m tired of being the Mom who’s worn out, with bags under my eyes that now are a set of luggage! I’m tired of being the only one advocating and protecting my bear cubs. I’m tired of everyone around me getting more sleep than me, and telling me I look tired!!!! One thing you NEVER $@@@%# say to a sleep deprived Mombie!!! I’m tired of staying up late after my sons naps out of sheer exhaustion. I’m tired of feeling lonely and missing feeling special, for a date night with my husband. I’m bone tired of having to sleep with one eye and one ear open, when the dreaded Obstructive sleep apnea takes over and my son wakes up scared, coughing, because he’s stopped breathing. I feel like the most impatient, misunderstood, pathetic, angry Mom. Who in my worst moments swears and yells at the my precious sons when my patient bucket is empty. Most of all I’m tired of struggling and surviving on vapors of sleep. It’s hard for me to accept some days this is my life, because I wanted to be so much for my children. So I’m asking for help for the Calvary to come in and join me on my team of no sleep or “barely enough to function sleep.” It breaks me to hear my son snoring and knowing that soon he’ll stop breathing. And I will run to him while he’s crying and alone for those moments. I feel like the oldest saddest woman, who’s only nice thing I do for myself was go see my favorite band Fleetwood Mac in concert. And it took nearly 2 years to do that, since the last concert of theirs. So that leaves me lying awake, watching my son sleeping peacefully, and praying it will continue throughout the night. And my heart lies here on my sleeve open, exposed, and bleeding, while my tears silently fall on my sons cheek.


Little Collages of Work

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By: Danielle Loor M.Ed., BSCS


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Are You Ignoring Me?

Why Can’t You Hear Me?


Are you deaf? Are you DEAF? I said that at the top of my lungs as loud as I can, right in front of him and still NO response. He stared ahead at the TV, without a twitch. Let’s go back, a couple minutes beforehand I was calling out his name and he was not paying attention or so I thought. I finally became so frustrated that I shouted, “Are you deaf?”, and still nothing. I could not help it. I did not know what was happening. I did not know what was going on. Why isn’t my son responding? Oh my goodness, can he hear me?  Is this why he is not talking? Is this why  he does not babble or ask for things. You see, he was three years old. He has not yet spoken in a complete sentence. He could not tell you his name. He was non verbal. I believe he had said a few words, but that stopped. Then, nothing. It was literally a few words from what I can recall, then absolutely, nothing. He did not wave bye bye, was still in diapers, did not say his name and could not answer what was asked of him. What is going on? My son can not hear me. Fast forward, he has fluids in his ear and has decreased hearing because of it. Only about 20% capacity. We move along. He gets diagnosed with autism, we move along. Fast forward, he gets tubes in his ears and we move along. His speech begins to come and we move along. He hears better and that is why he is beginning to speak because he can now hear what is going on in the world around him. We move along.Blessings in disguise….

It’s Like Groundhog Day

Wake up, grab the toys…the same toys that he fell asleep with. He will take no substitutes. Do not change that stuff around. Do, go, repeat.. Or shall I say, Do, Stim, repeat…

I remember when JJ would watch Toy Story 3 over and over again. Not just in one day, but day after day and week after week. That was his obsession for a while. I remember when he likes to wear the same pajamas night after night and watch the same cartoons. We have Hulu Plus and each day he will pick the same kind of shows with the exact episodes that he has recently viewed. He remembers the names of the episodes and asks to play each one. He likes the tags ripped off all of his stuffed animals and clothes. He likes to use the green crayon most often. If he falls asleep with a  certain T shirt on, he will want to wear it in the morning. He became obsessed with Ninja Turtles after giving up Buzz Lightyear which I never thought he would. He used to be extremely scared of flushing toilets and the sound of the hand dryer in public restrooms. The bright lights and strong sun are not his favorite things. Even though it is cold, he insists on waiting for the school bus outside. He switches between right and left hand when he does his homework and art work. He is becoming a karate master and insists that we “box”. He talks. Yes, we waited years to hear his voice but he talks and he read..He loves to read. He loves books and he reads a lot. He has been reading for a very long time now. I am so proud of him. When he was three years old, he was said to be in the middle of the Autism Spectrum but from then and until forever he is in my heart.

He is high functioning. I thank God everyday for the blessings. Just because he was once in the middle does not mean that is where he was bound to stay. It is a spectrum for a reason. He has improved and continues to improve each day. It is important to keep going forward. Never giving up. Where there is Faith, there are great things. Dedication is a key factor. I am not trying to change my son at all. I do not wish Autism away. It is his super ability. I just work with him all the time to ensure that he will lead the best life possible with all the capabilities necessary. Going from non verbal to non stop talking in a couple years is a great window of opportunity of hope, that with Love and first and foremost God..All things are possible.


A Wee Bit about We

WE love our family and our pets and we love our home and our Christmas tree and our beds and our clothes, we love our food, washing machine, dryer and toys and we love our computers, tablets, phones, cars and teachers. we love animals, art, music and decorations. we love the holidays, seasons, snacks, coffee, tea and candles. we love heat, hot water, home remedies, natural herbs and our vita mix. we love our scarves, hats, gloves, coats, shoes and water and fruits and veggies. we love being home relaxing together, taking pics, making art, seeing, hearing, eating, walking, breathing and sharing. we love our credit cards, books, blog, website, Garage PCS, our clients, our doctors, Ecuador, America. we love being silly, shopping, helping others, visiting the elderly, freebies, playing in the snow, games, sleeping in, clean sheets, going to the zoo, close parking spaces, sanitation workers, postal workers, fast food workers and the Dollar Tree. we love reading, hot baths, menthol, red wine and babies. we love children, the ocean, airplanes and cappuccino. we love going to church, praying, being productive, the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth, plants, natural remedies, art, music, crafts. we love it all because God made it all available for us. Thank You!!! Happy Birthday, Jesus


Why are Oranges Orange?

I only have one son but I know children pretty well considering my Bachelor of Science degree in Child Studies.So I know that children ask tons of questions each and every day. I also found that out when I was a lead pre kindergarten teacher at a private early childhood learning center. Anyhow, JJ asks questions from the moment he wakes up until he is in bed for the night. He wants to know everything. Many times I can not even answer his questions. His questions have depth and are very detail oriented and elaborate. A child may ask,” what shape is that?” and JJ will keep going from there. Not only does he want to know the shape of the object but the reasoning behind it. He needs to know it all. He likes to know the steps of the things we are doing and he always seems to be thinking ahead because he will ask how many more steps and what the next step will be. JJ will ask about words in Spanish but also have the need to know why they sound the way they do and things of that nature. Where are we going? Why are we going? Are we there yet? What are we getting there? Why are we getting it? Where are we going next? What are we going to do later? Yes, that is all typical of him and he does question in that order and manner all of the time. He is wise beyond his years and oh so curious that he really does teach me a lot about life and more. I learn patience as well. I never thought he would talk this much and I thank God because he never talked until he was after 3 years of  age and beyond. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and I have to let it soak in. But how can I answer , why are are oranges orange? Hmm..many times I can be stumped. He is very intelligent and must know details to many things. When he asks me something!, whatever it may be, he will ask my husband the same question just to get some kind of reassurance. Today was , how long is an hour mommy? It is a long time JJ just  go upstairs and grab your book or toy. I can easily say 60 minutes and that can turn into what is sixty minutes? And so on and so forth. It can get challenging but I learn everyday and I try my best to apply new knowledge in every situation. My indigo child of the new world….. We need to give children more credit. They are important and they matter. Not only is JJ the future, he is the present and making his footprints as all children have the right to do. I still do not know how to answer why oranges are orange..do you?