My Boy: Part 35

We had a great Christmas. Jorge Juan really had a blast and enjoyed himself. I am so proud of him because he knows the true meaning of Christmas. He is learning so much. He uncovered Baby Jesus from the manger and before we could remind him he said, “Happy Birthday Jesus”. That made us so proud. That in itself is such a great Christmas present. This year Jorge is into Star Wars, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars. Santa brought him any things that he can play with and learn from. He was so excited to even open his underwear and pajama sets..Does it have anything to do with them being Angry Birds Star Wars? lol He cleaned up all of the wrapping paper mess when he was finished. He is learning to play with one set of toys at a time. He is starting to put things back in the box before he goes and open something else. This is great. It is a big step. It was a very nice family day. Jorge was well behaved and appreciate everything.

He truly loves Christmas.
He wrote his own Christmas list and his writing is getting really good. He was excited to do so. Apparently Santa received his list and delivered. He is a true believer.
Last week Jorge performed in a Christmas concert at school. He had been practicing his song all week at home. He was angel number eight. He wore a halo and was a natural on stage. As we were watching him, we saw how very calm he was with his peers sitting down, watching and clapping as others sang and performed. He sang Ten Little Angels with his class. He loved it. He got on the stage like a pro. He waited his turn and did what he had been practicing. He listened for cues and followed along. It was very nice. So proud of him. We took video and many pictures. After he was done, he followed his class off the stage and sat down to enjoy the rest of the show. He never even covered his ears when everyone clapped. He never use to like all that noise and it did not seem to bother him that day. The lights did not bother him either and usually he is sensitive to lights and sounds.
Jorge also was able to enjoy Polar Express Day at school where he got to wear his Spider man pajamas. It was a special treat. He watched Polar Express movie, drank hot cocoa, had some treats and chilled out with his teachers and classmates. These are all great accomplishments for Jorge Juan. they are big steps in the right direction. Like I always say Autism will not stop him. It is his super ability. He is a great gift from God.IamMoreThanAutism1Since today is my birthday, I am feeling exceptionally blessed because I received and keep on receiving the best gifts that money can never buy. Thank You God.


4 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 35

    1. Such a wonderful blessing for your family to experience a beautiful Christmas. And watching your son at his concert, what a delight to see that magical moment when the sensory events are handled well. I had two days of a calm regulated boy and then the third day it was too much. So we came home and it was the best decision we ever made. 😊

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