My Boy: Part 73

The PPT meeting at the end of JJ’s Kindergarten school year was a success. We are very satisfied with how the meeting flowed. It was comfortable being there. Everyone who has worked with my son over the past school year genuinely knows him. His specialized instruction teacher, his general education teacher, his speech and occupational therapists, principal, social worker and school psychologist. The meeting went on for over an hour and a half I believe. We lost track of time. As a mommy, I felt so warm and honored that they know my son on a personal level and that he is not just another student, another kid, but a child that is treated with love and respect in which all children deserve.

Tomorrow Jorge will being started ESY or extended school year until July 25th.He is excited. He says and thinks he is going to high school. It is OK< we will let him think that. He also mentions that he will miss his school and I reassure. him that he will be going back there at the end of August

So tomorrow it is..a new bus, a new bus driver, a new school, new teachers,, So yes, my husband and I will be following the bus all the way to the new school. It is a bit far. We want to make sure our son is taken care of and is safe. He will be going from 8 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. This leaves plenty of time for play and exploration and open ended learning fun.



My Boy: The Ultimate Special

You see him. He’s the child wearing Superman sneakers and a Spiderman book bag. He also carries  Star Wars lunch bag after switching from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles earlier in the school year. He sleeps on Sponge Bob sheets and uses an Angry Birds blanket. He washes with Cars body wash and loves to wear his Phineas and Ferb T shirt to bed. He got a new Mario Brothers Toothbrush and loves Marvel Heroes band aids when he gets a boo boo. He loves his Angry Bird Star Wars underwear and has a ton of Star Wars stickers on his bedroom wall. He is always carrying something in his hand. He loves animals. He carries around books, usually about animals. He is a green belt in Tiny Tiger Tang Soo Do karate and wants to play soccer. He plays the guitar with his left hand and is eager to continue to learn Spanish. He believes in God and likes to pray at night. In his room, he has a framed picture of Jesus on his wall. Beautiful and it was per his request. He was reading long before he could speak. He loves to play and learn. You mention Dollar Tree and he’s right there. He chases girls on the playground and kisses them. He lines up his toys and flaps his hands. Sometimes  he has vocal stims. He loves to swim and has no fear of the ocean. He is sensitive and kind. He is sympathetic as well as empathetic. He is sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds. He asks repetitive questions and wants detailed answers. He has OT and Speech therapy. He has specialized instruction and an IEP. He’s unique. His super power is Autism. He’s my piece to the puzzle and he’s perfect to me.


My Boy: Part 72

JJs last day of kindergarten. I’m glad he went to school happy. It will keep him busy to vet his mind off of the loss of his two precious guinea pigs in which he lived so much. They were part of the family. His first pets ever. They brought joy to everyone. To explain the death of his piggies has been difficult. It is a hard task. Kids, especially JJ, ask a lot of questions. Like way more than the typical child. He wants to know why, and how and when.. When are they coming back mommy? Daddy, I do not want my guinea pigs to go to Heaven. What does one do or say to their child? My husband buried them in a nice And safe spot on our property. My husband was digging the dirt and JJ would pop out  few times to see and ask questions. At this time we had both the piggies outside in a cage together resting peacefully. My husband placed new bedding on the bottom of the hole. Then he placed fresh hay and then  the piggies on top of them to lie together.JJ saw the hole dug up. We as a family sat by it and we prayed. Jorgito cried and I could not help to cry as well. He wanted them out and asked when will they be alive again. Then he got up and went in the house to watch TV . He is very emotional. He feels and thinks deeply. He’s connected to the universe. Being on the autism spectrum, JJ is unique and what he feels must be valued. It must be respected and given proper attention. He is our piece to the puzzle. His inquiring mind is a blessing from God. I wish I could take away his hurt.



My Boy: Part 71

My boy lost his guinea pigs this past Sunday. Just two days ago JJ is understandably very sad. He is hurt, angry and upset. i have been very worried about him. It is very sad and hurts us as a family and when my son is hurting it is heartbreaking. He loves those animals so very much. They were company, therapy and his friends. There is a void and it really hurts. Who knew that 2 guinea pigs could leave such an impact. We love those animals.JJ woke up last night crying saying that they are gone. He asks about them and as any child would, he wants them back home with him. The death of our piggies happened suddenly and without warning. The same day within five to ten minutes of each other. Something unexplainable. They were just great and healthy running around right before the incident. My son is grieving. It is difficult. He was sad in school. He was so used to his Guinea pigs. Looking for ways to help him cope. Keeping him busy. He is intense. His feelings are deep. Being on the spectrum, he gets overstimulated..(to be continued…) Prayers are welcome. Thank you. Any advice? Experience? Please share.
– Dany


My Boy: Part 70

“Is there school today, Mommy?” Yes, there is!!! Rainy day, but there is school today. Only a few days left, so enjoy the last days of Kindergarten. It just seems like yesterday that he started Kindergarten at a new school and with a school bus. This school year has gone by so fast. It was a great year and my son has been blessed with great teachers, therapists and principal. The team really works together for the benefit of JJ. They know him very well. What they have to say at the PPT meeting is right on. I just sit back and smile because I know that they pay close attention to my son giving what they have to say about his personality, characteristics, obsessions etc.

A quick rundown – Jorge is 5 years old and will turn 6 on July 21st. He was diagnosed with autism after his 3rd birthday. At that time, he was in the middle of the spectrum – Non verbal among other delays. He loves animals, insects and tiny toys. He has been reading since before he could speak and now is reading well beyond the benchmarks fro Kinder. He is kind and lovable. He loves babies and kids. He is an orange belt in Tiny Tiger Tang Soo Do karate. He loves nature. He flaps and shakes his hands when he is excited but not as often as he use to do when he was younger. He used to run back and forth humming super loud. He loves books and riding the school bus. That is just part of him in a small nutshell. there is so much beyond this. SO MUCH : )

Autism will never stop him. He is on a roll. He is improving all the time. His autism does not need a CURE. Who would want to cure a child that is full of LOVE, happiness, affection, peace…..and has so much to TEACH the world? JJ just may be the CURE for the typical world.



My Boy: Part Sixty9

Time has been flying by. The school year is almost at an end. Jorge Juan has been super busy. So busy that it i shard to catch up with him. He has been reading up a storm and asking a bazillion questions, like really can not even keep count. Like asking questions as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. That is a great thing, right? We have waited a long time to hear him speak. His questions are detailed and specific, mostly about animals. Yes, animals- his obsession. he LOVES all animals, all insects and things like that. Oh yes and Lizards must be called by their specific names. I can never call a chameleon a bearded dragon or iguana. Every animal has it’s name. That IS that!!! I love it but I do have to admit at times, it gets really exhausting. There is  a lot of repetition. A lot. What do animals eat? Where do they live? Does it lay eggs? Where do they come from? So on and so forth…

We had his PPT meeting last week. He is doing great. On his way and ready for the first grade. Busy..busy. Today we went on a field trip to the zoo. he loved it of course, there were ANIMALS there!!! Woohoo, except, at the end, he did NOT want to leave. He had a mini meltdown but his teacher was able to calm him down once we walked back to the bus. I held it together. I dropped him back off at school and enjoyed the 2 plus hours that were left for him to be at school. Counting down to the last day at school. For the month of July, Jorge Juan will be attending school. It is a special program for children with autism. 

Next year, Jorge will have the same ASD teacher and aides and have a general education first grade teacher as well. He really enjoys taking the school bus and riding with his friends. We believe this really helped him greatly with his social skills and being comfortable around people too. Knowing Jorge, he probably has a million ideas in his head of what he would like to do in the summer. I know a lot will have to do with animals, too. The key is to keep him engaged and focused, learning and having fun all rolled into one. Being on the spectrum must be one interesting ride.



I Read Ya!!!


So blessed and happy that JJ is reading at a second grade level. We were informed of this at his PPT meeting yesterday. I knew he was beyond the Kindergarten level since he has been reading before he could even speak,, but to hear this news was wonderful because it shows how much JJ has advanced and made as well as continues to make improvements in all areas. Books are his “thing”, well one of them at least. He loves to read. It has been a natural thing for him. We kept going with it, never pushing. It was right for him. All children are different. All children have their “thing”. There are areas in which he is superior to “typical” children his age and other areas, such as social, where he is not. It is OK. Autism is a super ability. it is a “label”. He is part of the spectrum. I would not change him for the world. But ya know as his mommy, I do want to change the world for him.