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All That Remains

All that remains are the memories.

Within those memories are a life once lived.

Make it count. Live each day to the fullest.

Learn something new. Be kind. Take care of one another.

All that remains are the life lessons.

Within those lessons are memories once made.

Make it long lasting. Live each moment to the fullest.

Learn something new, again. Be creative. Take care of one another, always.

And remember, education happens everywhere especially where you go with an open heart and open mind. img_20180922_123332761

Inspire Creativity

Inspire each child in your life. Help their creativity flow.

Encourage children to be creative in everything they do.

Let them know that they matter.

Let them know that the world needs their creative spirit.

It is more meaningful than you may think.

Feed creativity. Provide opportunities. Give them the tools to shine.

By inspiring creativity, you unlock the door to endless possibilities.


Last Day of School

j11The last day of school does not mean the last day of learning. The last day of school means going to the park to learn.

The last day of school does not mean the last day of learning. The last day of school means going to the bookstore to read and learn. The last day of school means creating, building, and exploring.

The last day of school does not mean the last day of learning. The last day of school means inventing, painting, and playing.

The last day of school does not mean the last day of learning. The last day of school means imagination, karate, and music.

The last day of school does not mean the last day of learning. The last day of school means enjoying nature and sharing with friends.

The last day of school is just the first day of learning beyond the walls of your school.


Enjoy summer. enjoy learning.



Meet JJ

Hi everyone!!! JJ is my super hero ❤

Please learn about him and share his story / journey..

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Autism is a super ability.

Autism is a different way to experience the world.

He IS my 1 in 68..


spread the LOVE

Autism Awareness Month ❤


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Peace, love, and autism




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My son was diagnosed with autism on August 9, 2011. This was a few weeks after his third birthday. He was going in for his yearly check up but this time I just knew something…..


You see, at the time I was taking my Teaching the Exceptional Child course for my B.S. and we were focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorders. As I was learning the signs and symptoms I realized that my son was a match for nearly all of them. He was not talking. He may have said a few words here and there but that was it. He would have to hold onto toys and would get anxiety if one happened to fall out of his hands. He was afraid of loud noises and would cover his ears. Actually, my husband and I used to think he was deaf because he would not respond to us calling his name. I would literally scream out his name and he would not even budge. He would line up toys and other objects…I thought this was so cute being this was our first child and we just had no idea. He would play with toys but in some sort of way that did not seem natural, but yet again I just thought that was okay. He never really waved bye bye and when he did he would have his hands towards himself, as if he was saying bye bye to himself. I loved that so much, my baby saying bye bye. I did not know but as I was studying, I gained the knowledge I needed to bring my questions and diagnosis to the doctor.

Oh yeah, this too – he would run back and forth and would not stop, at the same time he was flapping his hands. I still did not know but all of this was coming back to me when I was studying ASD and it triggered my memory. I love my son so much and everyone would ask why he did not talk and that he should be talking and I just thought it is because he is bilingual and it just takes longer for children with two languages to process the information. In the back of my mind I would ask myself why isn’t my son talking. Here I see children younger than he is talking in complete sentences. That is my baby boy and I love him, he will talk.

So my son is not talking yet and when he wants something he will just point- only sometimes. Usually, he would just grab my hand and utter some sounds as I would see what he needed. Usually it was a snack, kids love snacks and boy did I know he wanted that cookie because that smile was worth a thousand words even though he could not tell me.

He would grasp little things and hold onto them with intensity. I just looked at him in awe. I love my son and look how engrossed he is with a tiny button, pen cap, a part to a toy- whatever it was, no matter how tiny, he was focused and wanted it. He had to hold it. That thing needed to be in his hands and if he lost it, he would have anxiety that was until we could find it again..

So, he was not hitting benchmarks and he could not hold a fork or spoon properly to feed himself but that is my son and I so love him. By the way, he said birthday cake after seeing a decoration at his party, I was amazed. That cute little pause between those words..amazing. I felt so proud of my boy. He would hum really loudly for more than 30 seconds at a time sometimes and he would run and spin in circles. He was not afraid of danger or falling.

Going back to August 9, 2011, my father in law and I brought him to the doctor and that is when…… My son IS on the spectrum…


Education is everywhere. It is in YOU. Learning is a gift. Exploring and playing are natural instincts for children. Opportunities for growth are all around us. Take time to look and engage. Hands on and sensory learning provide endless choices. Appreciate all types of learners. Everywhere is a place to learn. Everyone is their own type of learner. Differentiation is key.
This is the foundation we stand for.
Let’s leave better children for our planet and naturally we will have a better planet for them. Education begins at home and extends everywhere a child goes. Make it worthwhile. They are worth it. Our future. It is in YOU.