I Forget

And sometimes I forget. I forget that he has autism. It doesn’t matter. It is absent. It can not be seen or heard. It is when he fits right in. It is when he is accepted by others. When he’s included, I forget. That’s what happened today. I forgot my son has autism. It didn’t cone to mind. This is especially true as he was socializing with others and as he was greeting people who passed by at the park. A little girl played with him. They dug for worms. They were happy. They were playing and using their imagination. They were being kids. Together. No discrimination. He was even told he was cute. Then he made more friends. Two boys. My husband and I watched him play and interact. It was a game of tag then hide and seek. Whatever it was, he was smiling. He was communicating appropriately. He was with two other boys his age. Autism did not matter then. They liked him. When they had to leave, they told JJ they’ll see him later. It was great joy to watch that. We gave him space and observed him. He was super happy and content. Just a regular kid. That is all. He fit right in. Autism didn’t matter. At that time, it didn’t. Not at all. For that, I’m grateful.




2 thoughts on “I Forget

  1. This put a smile on my face. Having a child that has Aspergers and social anxiety disorder I understand how this must have made you happy to see you son playing with the other children and fitting in ! Thank you for sharing about your son .

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