My Boy: Part 33

Hello there!! Great news..Jorge Juan now has his Tiny Tiger Yellow belt in Karate. He received his certificate in rank last night at his karate school’s Christmas party. He was so happy and excited. We are very proud of him. Autism is not going to ever stop him from doing what he wants to do. He has been practicing karate since July of this year. He really enjoys going to karate class. He really likes his master instructor. He loves when Jorge does his high kick and full split as it amazes him every time. Karate is great therapy. It really helps with discipline and self control. Jorge is learning a lot. Of course there are times where he is not fully focused and plays in the mirror but over all I am glad we chose to put him in karate. And..even more glad that he enjoys it because I would not make him do something that he is not comfortable with. Autism is his super ability as it would never be his disability. He does many things very well. He is amazing and smart. He goes to karate 3 times a week and now that he has a yellow belt he says his name is Master Sensai. Never Give up!! Chi Ryob and keep on going…Autism will not stop him. We will not allow that.wpid-20131105_181233.jpg
It is only the beginning…..


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