A Lady Followed Me

A lady followed me yesterday while JJ and I were shopping at Costco. I did not know she was following me until she told me she was. Yes, that is right. She told me she was following me. I did not notice. We were in the book aisle and JJ was looking at all the books and picking out ones that he wanted all while he was reading a book. She was watching him and listening. I still had no clue. I was focused on JJ and talking about the books we were looking at.

He was reading out loud. I was listening and looking through some books when this lady says, “Wow, he can read, that is so amazing..he is a genius, that boy is a genius.” Wow, I was taken back, that was so awesome to hear. I felt her being genuine and really interested in JJ. It was really nice. So, we began to chat and I told her that I never had him tested for being a gifted child but in fact that he was diagnosed with autism. She proceeded telling me that no one should ever put a label on my child and restrict him because he has so much potential. She was so fascinated with my son taht it made me feel amazing. I was in awe of the situation. We chatted for a few minutes and JJ hugged her willingly on his own and even said that he wanted to be her friend.

She explained to me that her son was the same way. He is now 3o something and a doctor in New York but when he was younger he had all the energy as does JJ and loved to read. “They” told her that something must be wrong with her son and that he is not not the other children his age. She told me how the teachers and others did not want to test him as being gifted but she just knew that he was. She did not allow any labels put on her son as she said do not let them hold my son back and that he deserves the same things as all children. He does not need to be separated but to be included. She told me after a while, her son was not so active and hyper but he had calmed down. He loved school and the doctors just wanted to give him medicine and other drugs to have his body settle down and ultimately conform.

What she was saying to me makes a whole lot of sense. These children do not need medication. They do not need to be segregated from typical children. They crave the same experiences as children their age, it is just that they express it differently. Giving them medication will only inhibit their capabilities of becoming and continuing being someone who was put on this Earth for the greater good of fellow humans. The energy within needs to be released not stifled by medication that ultimately alters their while being until they become somewhat like robots induced with chemicals. I always say Autism and ADHD are over diagnosed and that doctors want to give medication to these children. It is not fair to them. They first need love and understanding as well as people on the outside looking in that can relate to them. We never have given our son medicine even when his neurologist thought that his behaviors may have needed it. We made the right choice and I am always thankful for that.

It was nice to be followed, well like that at least. She was a very kind and loving person and it shined through. There needs to be more people like that in this world. It was nice to have a connection and a chat with a complete stranger who took a few minutes of her time to acknowledge my son and to share her story too.She noticed my son was different but showed love and peace instead of judgement. Not everyone does that or can do that. So it is not just about autism awareness but it is about autism acceptance.



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