A Wee Bit about We

WE love our family and our pets and we love our home and our Christmas tree and our beds and our clothes, we love our food, washing machine, dryer and toys and we love our computers, tablets, phones, cars and teachers. we love animals, art, music and decorations. we love the holidays, seasons, snacks, coffee, tea and candles. we love heat, hot water, home remedies, natural herbs and our vita mix. we love our scarves, hats, gloves, coats, shoes and water and fruits and veggies. we love being home relaxing together, taking pics, making art, seeing, hearing, eating, walking, breathing and sharing. we love our credit cards, books, blog, website, Garage PCS, our clients, our doctors, Ecuador, America. we love being silly, shopping, helping others, visiting the elderly, freebies, playing in the snow, games, sleeping in, clean sheets, going to the zoo, close parking spaces, sanitation workers, postal workers, fast food workers and the Dollar Tree. we love reading, hot baths, menthol, red wine and babies. we love children, the ocean, airplanes and cappuccino. we love going to church, praying, being productive, the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth, plants, natural remedies, art, music, crafts. we love it all because God made it all available for us. Thank You!!! Happy Birthday, Jesus



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