We are Here…

I have not written a blog post in almost two weeks. The time has just been flying by. I have been working on many projects and been so emerged within my passion that I was wondering about the last blog post I made. JJ is doing very well in school. He has been improving on his homework skills and doing well all around. I do not remember exactly where we left off with his journey but all is great in the world. He plays, he messes, he laughs, he snacks and does everything a typical child does. He still loves to read, do sensory activities and create projects. He is cool, he is awesome and such a great kid overall. He has autism. AUTISM does not have him. So what does my son have? He has Compassion. He loves animals and babies. He has IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY. He has DREAMS and GOALS. He has ASPIRATIONS. He has LOVE. Autism is only a tiny chunk of who he is as a person in this world. He has HEART and CHARACTER. He is such an inspiration for pursuing our dreams and goals. We could not imagine our lives without him or autism. A blessing in disguise.

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