Ways to Connect – My P.L.E.

Come and see what is going on here. This is my Facebook Fan page dedicated to education, especially early childhood education. It is a place where I share many ideas on projects,arts and crafts, hand crafted games,teaching children, autism awareness and lessons among other things that are related to education. I share from other educational pages and I also put up pictures with descriptive details to give others ideas.

It is a great place to connect with others in the field of education and other professionals that you can collaborate with and share experiences and ideas with. Quick and easy way to get your ideas out there and seen by others too. Come by today and follow. Lots of cool things and my posts from Facebook get automatically shared to Twitter. I have met many great teachers in my field and we have shared ideas.

Loorducation is on Pinterest. A fun, easy and organized way that we share our photos, links, quotes, pics and more. Activities, lessons, arts and crafts, organization and beyond. So many valuable things that I have learned and gotten ideas from that will enhance my teaching and more. It is super fun. Look for me there.

Loorducation is on Instagram. It is a fun way to share pics and quotes and give them a different look using the many different filters. I like making my original photos look totally different and sharing them. It adds uniqueness and details.Like a digital photo album. I posts pics of many things that I create and of children being engaged and learning and playing too.




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