EDU505- The Future of Education

Why is futuring an important exercise for educational organizations?
Futuring is very important. Futuring can really benefit educational organizations because it has to do with strategic planning. In order to better educational organizations, there must be plans in place to do so. Futuiring is a great exercise because it not only plans but takes things a step further. Futuring plans with a purpose. With furting, we look into the big picture what is going to happen tomorrow and in the long run that is going to improve educational organizations. Technology is becoming a huge part of education. It is changing the way we think and learn. Futuring is important because we as educators need to learn how to incorporate technology and all of its advances to fully benefit the students we teach. To be better prepared for the many tomorrows we face.

According to Houle, he is a futurist who is a catalyst to get us to really think about the future. There are three types of thinking of the future when he asks people, one all being personal, second being all negative and the largest group, in to which he was surprised is where people do not think about the future. We have to start thinking about the future if we do not already because things will happen on to us and the place in which we work and so forth without us being prepared. (2008). Houle calls if the shift age. I am taking it means that we are in a time where we must shift and move to make things happen. To think about our future not only personally but to expand outwards.

  1. A product of your final paper is your vision of your educational context in 2017 – this is a scenario! Since you are writing only one scenario, rather than several alternate futures, what are some of the challenges you will face (in other words, discuss the pros and cons of scenarios.

Scenarios get us thinking about possibilities that may occur. They get us to think about and prepare what can happen in the future in certain instances. One pro is to be prepared and ready for things that can change and happen. To be prepared for the worst or most challenging but not expect it to happen. Certain scenarios give us a different outlook and offers insight on how to deal with situations. One con about scenarios that if we think too much about many different things that may happen or have a chance on happen we can develop anxiety. A con will also be focusing on negatives. We all want the future to be positive but building scenarios can cause us to dwell on negative possibilities that may never even occur and that can take away focusing on more what’s important. When educational organizations think of many scenarios, it may take away from other things or it can hault a process of development. Thinking of many scenarios as well can complicate ideas and ones thinking. All changes impact scenarios, no matter the size if they are large or small there is some effect on the outcome.

Houle, D. (2008). What is a futurist?