What I am up to…or should it be “What? I am up, too.”

I am coming to the end of week 4 for this module. It is the very last class, EDU 699. My Capstone Project class. I am working on my thesis/project. It is a lot of work and dedication but it will be so worth it. It will all pay off. I am going back and forth, doing different things that correlate with my project, this is so that I do not get overwhelmed. I have created a site, as a part of my project. It is called http://www.constructivekinder.weebly.com and as of now, the site is in its very early stages. I am figuring everything out. I also have to put together my Kindergarten curriculum and write a paper about it. So in all I have to design my product. I also have to present it and that would be in the written form. That is how I chose to do it. Also, I am going to showcase it using the website in which I am creating. It is a long process but everything is coming together. I have the printed syllabus with me as a guide. Also in EDU 698, I had written a whole plan on my project where I researched my subject and followed a time line. There is about 4 weeks left until graduation. It is getting exciting because I will get to present my work for others to see. My chosen subject is a great passion of mine. I love early childhood education. It is great. I am developing a Kindergarten curriculum that is based on the constructivist theory of education. All about more hands on activities and integration of play into academics.It is awesome. I can not wait to share it with you all soon. My plan alone was about 16 pages, just to give you an idea of what I am in for : ). It is helpful because it is used as a guide. I also am creating and collecting artifacts. This has to be top notch. It is my very last class. One day, maybe I will go for my Phd or EdD…hmm do not want to think about that yet. Surviving a Masters curriculum is a constant learning experience to say the least. I am doing it for me, for the future of education. I have learned so very much this past year. Education is imperative. Education is diverse. It is something that we all need. I thrive on it. If it was too easy, it would not be as worth it. My concentration is in teaching and learning. I have gained a lot of respect for the many different teaching styles as well as learning styles that exist. I want to be in the evolution of education.