Learning is in Everything…

IMG_20141108_144612 IMG_20141014_221637 IMG_20141028_181542 IMG_20141028_182136 IMG_20141102_115610 IMG_20141102_120031 IMG_20141102_120135 IMG_20141102_220125 IMG_20141102_220234lllllllllIMG_20141103_182834IMG_20141014_221501 IMG_20141023_181021 IMG_20141028_181633 IMG_20141028_181833A2

Learning is in everything. It is important to let children have creative expression. It is up to us to tech children to love learning. Learning never ends. It is vital that children engage in everything they do with passion and excitement about what is to come. Hands on, Sensory, dramatic – ALL, EVERYTHING. Learning by Doing. Playing is a child’s work. Playing is learning. Encourage it – everywhere.


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