Questions from an ASD MInd

The following are actual questions that my son has asked me before. Many of the questions he has asked over and over until he got an answer he was satisfied with. He is 6.5 years old and if you have been a follower for a while you know that he is on the autism spectrum. Of course, these are not by any means typical questions that would come from a child of his age but he really is indeed curious and passionate about what he has the need to know. It is him and you know what. It is OK.

Where is George Washington buried? What year did Benjamin Franklin die? When did Abraham Lincoln die? What color tie did Martin Luther King Jr. wear? Did it have stripes? When you were in school, what kind of shirt did your teacher have? What color was it and was the pocket on the right or the left side?  Was Hamilton born in 1978?

What store did you get that from? What aisle was it in? Was it on the middle, bottom, or top shelf? How much did it cost?

What did I do when I was younger? When did you buy that? On What day? Where was I? What did I do in Ecuador? What kind of juice was I drinking last year when I was playing with my cousin?

What did I say when I was born?

He has quite the detective skills going on. Detailed with precision. Just some building blocks to strengthen his love for learning and that is what is important.

For years he did not speak. We are now blessed.

Typical is boring ; ).



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