Creating A Way




And we’re off…

JJ has been home sick for two days. He’s getting better today. We have been busy creating some fun and educational arts and crafts. It is fun to be creative. It is really helping his mood.


A gel and confetti filled sensory bag filled with colorful plastic dinosaurs. A great way to play search and find. It feels good and cool. It smells great and is squishy. A nice and soothing experience. Plus, it is colorful.


Here we have some Toy Story clips. They’re great for papers, cards and more. First I created the Chios with the images. Next we were thinking if what we can use the chips for besides counting and gaming. Here it is.


I created page markers too.
These are fun. They can be used to hold your child’s page in their favorite books.


Game Chips. I packaged a variety of 10 in each small bag. Very versatile and fun.

All items are customizable.
Available for purchase.



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