Paint Me a Picture

IMG_20141006_153556 IMG_20141006_153958 IMG_20141006_154041 IMG_20141006_160411 IMG_20141006_160419 IMG_20141006_161328 IMG_20141006_161331 IMG_20141006_161334 IMG_20141006_161337

One day after school, I had a table set up for JJ. It was covered in newspapers. There were all types of papers to paint on set up. I put out all colors of paint and different styles of paint brushes. It was quite the invitation to paint. As soon as he got off of the bus, he flew to the table. He was very eager to start creating. He expressed how happy and excited he was. He really enjoyed it. This was something that he needed. It was very beneficial. That night he was calm and did a great job with homework.

Take time to paint.


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