A Look Into…

Just staring out in the other direction…Looking out of the window. What is he thinking? What can be going through his mind? As we sit and try to do some homework, he is preoccupied with other things. I keep having to call for his attention after we complete each math problem and writing one spelling word.

I ask myself, what does he see? What does he feel? There is a lot going on there. A lot, I can tell but I just wonder what exactly it is. It is intense. It is consuming him. I wonder what it could be. I have to call for him to focus and to come back to me and pay attention. He does, and then drifts away again. It must be special over there. I wonder what it could be. What is so fascinating?

To be a part of that world, just for a minute..I wonder. I just can only wonder.

He does super in school. He received A’s and B’s on his report card but we always receive notes saying too many reminders, trouble focusing,,,,Could he just e bored? Could his awesome mind be yearning for more greatness than what is being presented to him at that moment in time..I can only wonder.

He has told us he likes to think about Papa (God), his life and his family. He is only 6 years old. That is amazing. And I can only wonder. At the same time give thanks to God for this blessing that he has given to us. We are blessed to be parents of a wonderful, inspiring, indigo human being.


He is so much more than Autism……..


5 thoughts on “A Look Into…

  1. Oh my the tears pouring down my face are abundant!!! I absolutely loved this hon. I often wonder what my son is seeing when he stares off into space. Tonight I asked him why he doesn’t like to sleep in his bed he said the voices don’t let him sleep. I hugged him so tight as I was that empathic child always aware of what others couldn’t see or feel. Our beautiful Indigo boys will be changing the world. ❤️

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