I am Happy That My Son Has Autism


No, you won’t!!! Do not worry, you won’t catch it. Do not back away. Do not put your guard up.Autism is not a disease. It is not even a disability in my eyes, on my end of the spectrum. I can only tell you my from my point of view but I can speak for all autism mommies when I say that autism is not a disability, but rather, a different ability. Yes, autism is a different ability. My son is not disabled. He can walk, see, eat, play and do many other things. I know I am not missing anything but that does not constitute as being disabled. He learns in a unique way but he does have taht super capability to learn and therefore will be a different abled boy because the world is obsessed with titles. That is my title for him.

Like many others on the spectrum, my son has super abilities. Ability to grow, to shine and to even lead the way. Stop staring at him, you will not cure him. You do not have to be afraid. He may be flapping like that because he is super excited. How great is that? To be a child and to be overcome by joy over something that may seem miniscule to you. That is an outlet, an escape when one is overly stimulated. That may be the body’s way of responding to the outside world. Why would I want your cure anyway and why would a proud mommy want to cure a child who is beyond special. A child who knows how to love. It does not matter what doctors say. No, repeat after me, it does not matter what doctors say. Have faith in your child. That, that unwavering faith and determination will help your child in so many ways. It does not matter what the onlookers say, I know my son and he will be somebody someday. No, wait, let me say that he is somebody today and he matters, his life matters.

Our autism is a blessing in disguise. He is not a brat, he gets over stimulated and hyper focused. He is very sensitive and if you dare to enter a minute in his world, would you be able to handle it? Handle the stares? Handle the talk? He got this, we got this and God got us. That is what matters. He matters and autism does not, it is just a word to call something that people do not yet understand. Cause  ya know, everything needs a label, right? So, don’t worry you won’t catch autism but if it were at all possible, you would see a world of infinite possibilities. And, that is not so bad after all, is it?

IamMoreThanAutism1Yes, JJ is more than autism.

Autism is not just stim, stim, flap, flap..oh no, it is so much more than that. The joys it brings the doors it opens. Yes, I am happy that my son has autism. I am happy that on paper, at school, it states my son has autism. That is because he gets the one on one attention that he needs and deserves. His needs are being met through an IEP. That is what he needs, an educational plan that is individual to and for him as it should be. Many of his autism symptoms subsided. I have not seen flaps, stim- phew in a while but it may happen and I do not mind at all. He has one last appointment with his neurologist and then he will be dismissed  due to not showing signs of being on the spectrum. This is great news, but I want my son to be autistic forever, especially on paper, in school where his special needs are met through specific educational goals just for him.

Yes, I am happy that my son has autism. He has paras, therapists, teachers, social worker, all for him. All for growing his educational experience and making it valuable. For that, I am grateful. The label is there but for the better good. It gives him the opportunity to have his education catered. To have opportunities that other children do not have, although may need. I like that he gets extra positive attention from school personnel. It is what he deserves as well as all children. It is too bad that classrooms these days are stuffed to the door, with over 25 kids and one teacher. Kids’ needs not being met, simply no time for everyone. Then, they fall behind. They lose desire and feel neglected. That is why I am grateful my son has autism..he gets what is meant to happen for all children, but he gets it and I guess  you could say that is pretty special. He has special needs but all children are pretty special if you ask me. He is just lucky enough to have autism. It can be intense. It can be overwhelming at times – but most, if not all things that are worth it, are. So, yes, I am a proud autism mommy and no I would not change it for the world.

Please, keep picking my son up right at our door each school morning. No, I do not care that it is a small bus. They cater to my son, door to door service. Blessed he does not have to walk or wait at a cold bus stop or that we do not have to drive him all the way to school, on the other side of town –  He has a bus attendant and also people that wait for him at school to help him off the bus. So now tell me how my son has a disability. It really is a super ability if you ask me. He has OT and ST services. So, please do not feel sorry for my son but rather let me as not only a mommy but a differentiated educator, tell you that I feel sorry for the kids who do not get the attention they so need in school, then fall behind and end up disliking school. I am beyond blessed that my son loves school. Beyond blessed that he has autism. So what, you won’t catch it. I am sure he could teach you a thing or three. So, what is this PDD-NOS you speak of? Maybe, if you really think about it, it is not specified anywhere else because it is not a pervasive developmental disorder. I do not care that my son did not speak until he was almost 4 years old. The important thing is that he does speak and he can and for that we are blessed. So what if he grasped things and hit milestones later that what the world expects him to. What matters is that he CAN and he WILL.



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