Another Inspiring Blog Award

Happy New Year Readers! Yes, it is a New Year!! Keep your passion alive for it is the fuel for your talent. Do not keep it locked inside, you need to share it with the world. I appreciate you all, everyone of you who take the time and read my words, From the bottom of my heart, thank you foLOORs!!! You are a huge inspiration.

The awesome B from  has given me the honor of Inspiring Blog Award. How lucky am I? He is awesome and this is my second nomination in 2 days.I really enjoy reading B’s blog because he writes from experience with deep sincerity. His love for his children beams from his written words as he has a profound way of expression. He is a dedicated Daddy and his blog posts are enjoyable as they are real. By the way, he has a newborn son!! Congratulations B, keep on writing. Give the world something to read.

There was a list of questions I was to answer upon receiving this nomination. You can read them below as I am glad to share them with you all.

I have answered these questions when I was nominated by J yesterday. I have copied my answers here. I have also added some tid bits. They are in bold.  Have a read. I hope you enjoy. Comments are always welcome.It is always a good opportunity to get the know a writer beyond the words. Here I am , sharing something about me.



Very Inspiring Blog Questions

1.Why did you start your blog?

Well, I first started my blog because it was a mandatory element for one of my last classes in my Master of Education program. I started a blog because I had to post topics from class and about all things related to education. I never would have thought to start a blog if it was not for that class. I am so glad that I did. My blog has turned into something special and really got me into writing especially when I decided to write my first non class post. It was about my son. That was in September of 2013. From that very first post of sharing part of my son’s autism journey, I was hooked. From there I started writing frequently, sharing a little more of his journey each day, along with the stuff that was need to be done for class. Ever since, I became a blogger. This was my first ever blog post, ever. I had no clue what I was doing

2. What is the book that you have read that has touched you the most?

The book that I have read that has touched me the most is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. But then there is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Those are 2 great, inspiring books of wisdom. They have really touched me and made an impression on my life to stay strong and be positive. As well, we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. I also enjoy Woman Code and Beyond the Indigo Children

3. If you could eat dinner with a famous person who is still living, whom would you choose?

Oprah Winfrey. I admire her. She is very strong and empowering to women all over. She is an inspiration to go out and chase your dreams. She is very successful and always pays it forward. She is a role model in my eyes. Yes, Oprah!!! She has passion. She does so much. She gives out positivity and energy, What is there not to love as she is the epitome of awesoemness. Her own network, magazine, shows, books…Taking life and Giving life.

4. Where is the one place you have visited that gives you complete calmness?

One place that I have visited that gives my complete calmness is Quito, Ecuador. That place is peaceful and beautiful. You can smell hopes and dreams in the air. The landscapes are wonderful. The weather is amazing. The total atmosphere is beyond aww inspiring. And..that is to say the least. I love going to Quito and I feel very blessed to have been there many times with my husband and several times with our son, too. I love Ecuador. Ecuador has a huge place in my heart for many reasons.

5. Are you a bucket list person. If so name one thing on it?

I would not say I am a bucket list person but one thing that I really would love to do is to travel to Africa and stay there for a month to teach the children. I would bring them gift boxes of school supplies and clothes. I would help them read and play games with them. I believe that they would teach me so much more than I would teach them. This is definitely something that is dear to my heart. I would document my time there. In that way, I can show the children here how fortunate they are and how really good we have it. That, in turn, can inspire others to pay it forward. This can be done through donations among other positive things. I want to write a children’s book and have the Loorducation name on school supplies that are originally designed by me. I could go on..but it did say on ething..who can name only 1 thing? So much!!! ❤

6. What is the goal for your blog?

I want people to read and feel inspired. A goal is to keep the readers engaged and coming back for more with posts that truly come from the heart with passion. With that will come featured publications with highly reputable sites that will share with with the world.

7. What is a day well spent to you?

A day well spent is a day that is with my husband and son. One filled with laughter and cuddles. A day where we smile, have fun and enjoy one another’s company among great food, books and TV or spending quality time together going out. LEARNING and being GRATEFUL

8. How do you start your day?

I start my day by getting myself ready along with our son. I make an organic green smoothie before breakfast each morning. Then I will usually make coffee and breakfast.  On school days, I get my son up and ready for the day. I pack his lunch bag and give him his vitamins. He eats a little something then we wait for the bus to pick him up. After, I get my husband all set. The kitchen gets cleaned up and the day of creativity begins. Organic Coffee

9. What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas. It is my favorite because it is such a special day. A day of love to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Not too many words can explain it, but the day is magical and peaceful. It is so special to see children believe. We can learn so much from them. The smell, the wonder..everything.

10. Are you where you want to be professionally and if not, what will you do about it?

I am working on many things. I love to multitask, it is how I can stay focused. If I become overwhelmed with one thing, I can go continue working on another project. I always like to have something to do. I am working on promoting myself throughout all social media platforms. I am documenting all of my work. I am making a name for myself. I share my passion for education, art and autism and encourage and help others along the way. I put passion in everything I do and have faith and believe that my dreams are coming true. It is important to keep a positive attitude. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Child Studies with a concentration in early childhood education as well I hold a Master Degree in Education with a concentration in teaching and learning. I am an educator, artist, autism advocate, photographer….the key thing is to keep me believing in me and know that God put this desire in my heart to share it with others. For that, I am thankful and blessed. I will keep on going, enjoying the journey that I must create to open doors.

11. What is your favorite quote?

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”
-John Lennon

If I would nominate a blogger for this award it would be right back at J, She is a very inspiring blogger

and B  from He is a very awesome blogger : ), Also, R from She is amazing.

I would like to nominate Dawn from

She is a positive influence and inspiration.

A while back, she nominated me for a Leibster Award, I have never officially accepted, but I do wholly. I will find that info and post as soon as I can. So, Dawn, please accept this nomination because your blog is amazing.

*Answer the previous questions above

The rules are simple thank your nominator (which would be me) and then answer the questions . Also, make your own nominations of a  blog(s) that inspire you all while displaying the picture of the Inspiring Blogger Award in your post.

I will have a few more nominations. They will be coming up. Stay tuned.



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