My Boy: Part 87 , Sorry to Bug You : )

About half of his books are about animals – animals of all kinds from sea creatures to Animals of Africa. Many books are also about bugs and insects too. Wild Kratts is his favorite show to watch. And, that is an understatement. Since we have Hulu, he watches it anytime he wants and picks out the exact episodes he wants and tells us all about the facts of the animals too. He searches for the titles. He also acts out the show with his creature power suit too!! He is krazy about the wild Kratts. He wants to be just like them.He imitates them and learns a lot from the show. He then tells us all facts and proper names and species of animals. He has a huge fascination with all types of creatures. He will pick up ladybugs, spiders, worms- anything like that when he is outdoors. That just bugs me out : )!

He collects snails from the beach. He likes plastic bugs to creep us out and have fun with. And, when we had our guinea pigs, he really loved them so much. He is a very sweet soul. He truly cares about the animals and loves learning all he can about them and all details as well. I did not know there were different types of eagles or that opossums are marsupials.

Can you help me out by sharing this post in hopes that it can get into the right hands and seen and noticed by the right eyes? I would love for my son to see the Wild Kratts live, or to hear from the brothers themselves, or get a special animal or anything that has to do with that show. Maybe an autographed picture or something like that. Basically anything Wild Kratts. It will be so so so much to me. JJ just loves animals and I can not express that enough. I would love to give him a great surprise for being such a good boy. It would mean a lot for him too.

His big focus is every sense. Being that he is on the autism spectrum, he finds something he loves and turns it into an obsession. It becomes a huge part of him. I am not asking this because my son is autistic, I am asking this because as a mom, I want to see my son happy and excited about learning. I am asking because it is something that he loves and that means so much to him. I am asking because he lights up learning about animals. It is his passion and it is in him.

Thank you All



Thank you in advance for your help. Hopefully, you will help make this happen and the Wild Kratts themselves can see this!! Think and Dream BIG and receive BIGGER, What if?



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