The Start of the Heart


The start of the heart is where it’s at.. The other day I quickly, and by quickly I mean in 30 seconds, made a heart graphic for a dear friend online. This friend is battling cancer, Chron’s disease and heart failure as well. NOT only that…BUT she has kicked cancer’s butt before – but wait, she was also in Hospice, for a very, very long time. She has been through Chemo and hospitalizations. She almost died before, YET she is still standing. The doctors tell her that she is dying again…Doctors are human, like you and I’ they can be wrong. right? Yes, they can. She did it before, she can do it again. Let us fill her bucket with so much hope and support that it will never run out.

Needless to say her plate is full. It is only natural to show her how much she is loved and to let her know that we all have her back.  But before this, another dear friend of mine, Lori, came up with the hashtag #teamrachele. This is to show everyone, especially our friend Rachele, that we are on her team and that we support her wholeheartedly. We use that hashtag to send her pics, memes, quotes and anything that we can to lift her spirits. We have to let her know that she is special. We met her through the autism community online. Many of us involved in this outpouring of support have children on the autism spectrum. Each and everyday, our friendships evolve and we get to know one another on a deeper, personal level and I am so blessed that our friend Rachele is here and sharing her journey with us all. She really is an amazing person who has unwavering strength. She can teach people a thing or two. She rocks and that is only part of the reason why we love her and she has our full support.

Now, on Facebook, there are at least 30 of us using the heart as our profile, group and cover photo pics. It is amazing and awesome to see the fantastic support that she really needs. To many, it is just another cute graphic; to us, it is the Love, support and coming together of friends. And, yes, this is real life. It is the start of the heart…

Messages of Hope for Rachele:

Love, your community of “sisters” and friends…. xxoo

Rachele, you are a strong woman, keep on fighting. Love you #teamrachele – Shari

Rachele. Wow. Words fail me. You are amazing. The love and care you give to those around you when it seems like your life is falling apart astounds me. You are my friend and I’m pushing AND pulling for you. Always. ((HUGS)) –  Jenn

Rachele, I admire your strength and willpower! You are an amazing and beautiful woman, inside and out!- Kimberly

Kimberly D. Gangl's photo.
Rachele you are an inspiration of love , strength , determination ,and yes hope. I love you Rachele and the way you keep cheering even when it is hard to breathe. Love hugs and prayers always. Nyla
Rachele, I just ‘met’ u and I already love u! U are amazing…such an inspiration to me…if u can go thru the things that u have, and still are..then I can surely overcome my measly problems!! Never Give Up!! Hugs to u and much love!! – Amy T.
My Dearest Rachele I admire your strength and courage. You really are a ray of sunshine. Never give up and never lose hope. You are my inspiration, love you bunches!!! – Amy L.
You’ve got an army of beautiful ladies here that are going to be fighting this fight with you!! We love you Rachele, don’t EVER forget that!! GO #teamrachele – Dusti
Your strength is SO admirable and you have to know that you are truly special if all these Mamas are rallied around you…take our strength and use it whenever you need it, honey…prayers sent up…xo – Krista
Rachel I know what you are going through and just look at all the love and prayers you have on your side. When you have such a beautiful team of supporters anything is possible. So keep your chin up, lean on us and take one day at a time. Love ya – Maureen
Rachele, doctors have been wrong before and will be again! Let our hearts and love help you to strengthen yours! We are in this to win it! Love ya! – Christy
Remarkable,Awesome,Caring,Heroic,Enduring,Loving,Everlasting,-Rachele you are all these things and more. #teamrachele – Bobbi
“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” (Emory Austin) You, my friend, are a singer. oxox, Becca
Dearest Rachele you had the courage and strength to kick cancers a$$ before. My thoughts are always with you willing you to become the warrior you were before. I believe you can put on your armor of courage, hope, strength, love and determination and defeat these diseases. You are surrounded by a sisterhood of warriors #teamrachele! You’ve got this! We’ve got this! Much love and respect…..Denice

Rachele, You are stronger than you think, I know this fight is hard, but you and your family are worth the fight. You inspire so many and you have cheated death before and I am sure you are strong enough to do it again! Look at all the people who are out here supporting you. We all think you can do this, that you are strong, brilliant, amazing and a true inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out! Fight the fight and when you need us we are here. – Dawn
Rachele, I admire your strength, your courage and your ability to find joy in the face of such adversity. Praying for you ~ Billie
Rachele, even though we are just getting to know each other in FB land I am in awe of your spirit and sense of humor in the face of such difficulties. I am on your side all the way, keep fighting, we are here with you. – Terry
Rachele for all you are enduring you still have kept a sense of humor and a light in your soul. You are an inspiration!! – Valerie
 Rachele, I admire your strength. I admire your courage. I admire your positive outlook. When most others cry, you laugh. When most others are angry, you are happy. When most others are giving up, you are continuing your fight. You are a beautiful person both inside and out, and I am glad that we are friends!- Julie
Sending you love & prayers, from Susie (-:
Rachele I so admire your strength and tenacity. You find a way to find humor in everything. Please know that there are many of us praying for you. Cate L.
Rachele, I admire your strength. You are a true warrior. You have our love and support. Please know we are praying for you. Hugs, Lisa. #teamrachele – Lisa
Rachele, words escape me because my heart feels for you what words cannot express. You are one of the strongest and most determined of anyone I’ve ever known. You can conquer anything you set out to do. Love you, mama #teamRachele – April
You Rock!!! You got this!!! You are strong, amazing and this world needs you, Your family needs you. You are not going anywhere ❤ xxoo Dany (me : ) )
UBUNTUUBUNTU – WE are all in this together!!!!
– Michelle
Please read.
Thank you.

(To Be Continued…)


5 thoughts on “The Start of the Heart

  1. You are the living example of grace and strength. Keep living on your terms and loving yourself unconditionally. Thank you for inspiring me and so many. Xoxo

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