My Boy: Part 87

JJ is still at school. He should be getting home in about an hour. I got some things done today but I miss him. I missed his presence when I went to the store and ran my errands. When he got on the bus this morning, I already wanted him back home. I know that I am fortunate and blessed when he gets off the school bus in the afternoon. I am blessed that he is home with me and Daddy. It the days, sometimes when you start thinking, many children never make it home to their parents. There are many stories where you hear that children never made it home. It is heart breaking, it is sad. You put them on the bus in the morning……. (I cannot continue with that) FAITH, that is what we have to keep. The unwavering faith. I thank God every day for my husband and son. Each day, we let each other know we are loved, by words and by manners. It is such a blessing. He is a super kid. He is a great boy to mommy and daddy. He is super special. He has something in him that is awesome, too awesome for words. I am happy that he is my son. Let’s see what he has to say about school today..Sometimes he says it is a secret..Hey, but at least he is happy and can vocalize his emotions. He is a talker. Sometimes at a million miles per hour. In the end, I thank god for that. What a huge difference/improvement from when my husband and I first sent him to school. He could not even talk. He was still in diapers. He was just diagnosed with ASD. But it is OK. Here we are 3 years later and what a turn around it has been. Like I always say, he may have autism but autism doe snot have him.




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