My Boy: Part 85

JJ was in a great, energetic mood today. I am exhausted but he was super happy and that made me happy. His energy was non stop. He helped out cooking, putting groceries away and he even ate all of his dinner – by himself. I am so proud of that. After each and every spoon, literally, he told me that was the best food he has ever eaten. Every time I wash his hair, which, by the way he loves now; he tells me that I am the best mom ever. I love him so much and I do not know what I would do without him. He is such a blessing.


He had a good time at karate class, although he was dancing in line. He loves music just like Daddy. What matters is that he was happy. He is healthy and I am so grateful for that. Days like this, autism seems like a great blessing in disguise. It really does. I am one blessed mommy. I do not like labels but being that my son is high functioning is inspiring, to me and to many others. Like I always say, it has not always been that way. A lot of patience, love, hope, prayers and faith went into it among time but the biggest one of all is knowing that my son will succeed, with unwavering FAITH. I am here to say, do not give up. Now, I would never want a cure for my son’s autism but that is just me and our autism journey. Every journey is unique and I can understand parents who desire a cure for autism because of the severity of it. I can not relate but I can understand them wanting to have a cure for their child, I get it. Autism is a wide spectrum but we are all in this together.






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