My Boy: Part 83

JJ has had a very good summer. In one week he will be back to school. He really misses going to school and being with his friends. He wants to take the school bus. He always enjoys the ride. Today, we got him some school supplies. He loves to go shopping.. His best thing though, was getting a bag full of little Halloween creatures from the dollar store. He came home and played with them in the kinetic sand. He loves sensory play, it is so relaxing for him. He has been strumming on the guitar along with daddy. Through out the summer, he has been reading a lot. He has been active in imagination as well. His skills have sharpened and I am truly impressed. Today he was practicing his fine motor skills using a hole puncher. trying to get him to use both hands because at first he was a dominant left handed boy and his OT at school has made him use mainly his right hand. He can use both quite well. He plays the guitar as a left handed person does. He practices his writing and already got his lunch bag and book bag all set for his first day of first grade. What a big boy. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of him. He literally teaches me about exotic animals all the time. that is his thing. Don’t you dare call an opossum a rodent. it is a marsupial because they have pouches that carry their young. My piece of the puzzle. My indigo. So blessed. he is going into first grade with a great vocabulary. When he first started school in PK3, he was non verbal. He could not talk or say his name. Now he will ask a million questions and many times not your typical 6 year old type questions. I get questions like, Why did God make us? That is just the tip of this autistic iceberg.



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