The Sum of Summer

School Bus
It is almost that time again. back to School!!! Let us not rush it though. Time has surely flown by this summer. Since school starts in about two weeks, I am thinking of using that time to explore some more – going to the aquarium, the hands on discovery museum and a few other cool places that JJ will enjoy. This summer he did very well in ESY and had practice writing and he also read a lot, watched some real life animal shows, read, played. library trips, karate and all that good stuff. We had our big family vacation to Disney earlier this year so this summer was just about little trips here and there and making things exciting for our boy. This summer JJ explored nature and went in his pool, played outside, went to picnics and field day. I wanted to get as much social events as I could have because he misses being around kids. He misses school and has told me several times. He misses his routine. He picked up an old habit again of humming loudly and long, too thank God he has stopped.
000c8-autismpuzzleIt was because of not being in his routine, going on the school bus, seeing same friends, getting dropped off by school bus and so on. He enjoys taking the little trips with me to the supermarket, which is very cool. He loves to make lists and ask questions about what we need and what we are getting next. It’s the little things that are great and add up to a meaningful summer. JJ loves his time with family. He is a good boy. Autism is his super ability.


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