My Boy: Part 81


ESY ended more than a week ago but JJ still has been busy reading, writing, and of course, playing and experimenting. He did develop the humming sound again. It started about four days ago. It sounds like a long hmmmm, hmmmmmmmm, several times repeated over again. He used to do this type of stimming before he was able to speak. When he was non verbal, JJ would stim by running back and forth from the living room to the front door, humming really loudly and flapping his hands. Once he began to speak, at the age of almost 4, the verbal stim drifted away. So my husband and I were surprised to hear it again after all of this time, basically out of the blue. Instead of telling him to stop doing it, we asked him why he does it. Now, years ago before we knew he has autism and before we knew what was going on and how to make sense of it all, I would have told him to stop that. I have learned to have patience. As we all know sometimes it may run out but I thank God for learning every day and becoming stronger. It can be nerve wrecking but I try..I try to understand why so I ask him and he tells me it makes him happy. Now how are we supposed to tell a child to stop doing something that makes him happy (of course not self harming or harming others)?

So we took him to the neurologist and the doctor told us to ignore the behavior. Ignore it because it will go away. he might be doing this due to not being in school and having that routine. SO for now, I have not heard it many times today. We will see. JJ told me that he does miss school and that he loves it. He misses his friends and being able to ride the bus each morning and afternoon. It is the little things that mean so much and that are very important.


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