An Ode to J.Lo…On the 6

So, do you listen to J.Lo? Remember, she popped onto the music scene about 15 years ago, and ‘On the 6’ was Jennifer Lopez’s debut album? She was on the cover of the CD, sitting on a white couch and dressed in off white. She had long brown hair and was showing off her mid drift.Some songs were good. I listened to the CD at times. Anyhow this post has NOTHING to do with her at all. Actually, this post is dedicated to my son, JJ (JLo) for his 6th birthday, which is today!!! And THAT is why I entitled this post (An Ode to J.Lo…On the 6). I figured this was the perfect fit for a day like today. A very special day. An amazing day. My son’s 6th birthday is today. Wow, time has flown on by. Today my big boy is 6 years old. So, On the 6, I want to dedicated this to my JLo, JJ. : )

Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to have a wonderful son like you.
You are amazing beyond words. You are intelligent, peaceful and loving. You make life very special. You are talented and gifted. You have so much to offer the world. To the world you may be one person, but to Mommy and Daddy, you are the world and we love you more than we can ever say. God bless you everyday and in every way.
Happy 6th Birthday JJ!!!

JJ woke up today in a great mood. He was excited for his birthday. He was happy that he got to wear his favorite Phineas and Ferb shirt and his best lobster shorts. He was surprised that Mommy and Daddy showed up at school with cupcakes and Yoohoo boxes for him and his classmates. He was thrilled that everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. He had some fun with friends and was happy for a poster board card that I made for him with puffy letter stickers and a variety of animal stickers, all in groups of 6. He called it his animal collection. He took the bus home. He was so happy to see several helium balloons all over the living room and one Spider-man balloon tied to the porch. After we ate we went out for ice cream then onto the store so he can pick out his gifts. We hit the jackpot at Toys R Us after we have been to two other stores. Anyhow, they made him feel very special there. they gave him a birthday crown, a birthday balloon and also announced his birthday over the loud speaker. It was super cool. He picked out a stuffed Pokemon backpack, a Mario Bros. Figure set and a Mario Bros. lunch bag- which he wanted to pack with food tonight. He had a tiny piece of pound cake with fresh strawberries. I gave him a nice shower after he got to relax, play with his new toys and watch some TV. He is all snuggled up in bed now tightly hugging his Pickachu after a good night kiss and prayers. He had an amazing birthday. Thank You God, he is blessed, therefore our family is blessed. thank You!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ, you are loved!!!
Thank you everyone for reading. We appreciate your support.




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