My Boy: Part 80..Answering Friends’ Questions


Hello everyone!! A few of our friends sent some questions for JJ to answer. I copied his answers exactly how he replied. He sure had fun with this. he enjoyed being asked questions. He said he wanted it all day. I asked him the questions a few at a time not to overwhelm him. I will leave it up to him to be the question king. So here is goes…

The Following questions come from Dawn. Dawn is a great friend over at She has an awesome page called Hardlybored.

Do you like to draw, is so what?
yes, pictures

Do you like to paint, if so what?
uh huh, pictures

Do you like to play with clay?
uh huh

Do you have a favorite story, if so what?
Yes, my favorite story is…Uh, I don’t know what my favorite story is. My favorite story is Beauty and the Beast.

Do you have any chores?

Thank you Dawn. I hope you enjoy JJ’s answers. Those were good questions. Not sure why he answered Beauty and the Beast, but he did lol. We do not have that book. Maybe he read it at school. We do not own the DVD either. Maybe he picked it up somewhere. He does love to draw, paint and play with clay. Lots of sensory. His chores are to clean up, put toys away, etc. Not that he always does it : )

The next questions come from Danielle Lewis, another friend from Facebook

Do you like to play outside? yes

What is your favorite song? My favorite song is Phineas and Ferb Birthday

Do you like to dance? yes

Thank you Danielle!! He sure does love to play outside and get dirty. He is always clowning around and dancing. As for his favorite song, I am thinking he means the theme song to that certain cartoon, just because he was about to take a break and watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚


This next questions come from Lisa, a very good friend of mine. She has an awesome page on Facebook called SLAP aka Strong Loving Autism Parents. You should check it out. Great page.

Do you like music? yes

What’s your favorite piece of clothing? Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel

Do you want to go on an airplane? Yes….to Ecuador

Thank you Lisa!! Jorge loves music a whole lot, just like his daddy. He has his own hand made guitar and loves using the mic and other instruments. His fave tee is that shirt that he stated. He always wants to wear it and never take it off. He LOVES airplanes.He is always talking about going back to Ecuador all the time.


The next questions come from a good friend of Loorducation. She has a page called Em’s Journey and she has written a book with her daughter, who like JJ, is on the spectrum.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I want to build robots.

Tell me about your best friend. What makes them your best friend?
I don’t know..the panda on the car.

Do you like books/stories? What’s your favorite story and why?
(shakes head yes ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Beauty and the Beast. I like the beats because he is a powerful monster.

Thank you Jen!!! He sure does loves robots. They are one of his obsessions. Always talks about them too, so I really do think he wants to build some. As for his best friend..not sure but he loves pandas and today’s thing of the day was a panda magnet that we stuck on the car. He answered Beauty and the Beast…I am going to have to get that book for him. : )


The following set of questions come from Catherine Monroe Luther,a friend on facebook who supports our journey and page.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why? Phineas and Ferb, it’s Ferb. Ferb’s a cool builder. He builds robots and puts Candace in jail.

Do you love cats or dogs more? Why? I like cats and dogs and parakeets. I like hawks and pigeons and falcons. I don’t know, Mommy.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate, I like it in a cone with a cherry on top.

What is your favorite thing about Mommy?
We like taking care of you…(who?) Daddy and me : ) aww..

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?
I like playing games with him.

What makes a good friend?
Uh, I like playing games with them.

What is your favorite season? Why? Winter. Because I like playing in the snow.

Thank you Catherine!! He currently loves that character Ferb and he loves all animals, a lot. This week it is birds, all kinds, all types. All species. He will let you know the difference as well. He always says he love staking care of me and loves to be with daddy to play games. he loves all kids and babies too.


Thank you all for reading. We appreciate the support!!!



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