My Boy: Part 79 – The Interview…

Since JJ is always asking us so many questions day in and day out, I thought I would ask him some questions in an interview style. I told him that I would be sharing this all with you. He is excited about that. All of the questions that I have typed up, I have asked him. I typed his actual responses below each question. Let us know if you have a specific question that you would like JJ to answer. So here it goes…


My interview with JJ

1. What is your favorite animal?
A Hawk

2. What is your favorite color?

3. What is your favorite food to eat?
Fries and Mickey Mouse Nuggets

4. What is your favorite T.V. Show?
`Why do you like that show so much?
I like when the WIld Kratts say the features about porcupines.
`Why do you like porcupines?
I like porcupines because they have sharp quills.

5. What is your favorite thing about school?
I like eating breakfast and playing.
`What do you like to play at school?
I like to play with the dinosaurs at school

6. What do you like to do at home?
I like to play at home.
`What do you play at home?
Super Mario kart 8 (side note , we really do not have Super Mario kart 8 : )

&. What is your favorite part about a falcon?
I like when it goes fast.
A falcon is a wild bird.

9. What is your favorite book?
About the tree Frogs

10. What is your favorite place to go?
I like to go to Wendy’s.
I like to go to Costco

11. What is your favorite snack?

12. What is 5 + 5?
Equals 10

13. Who is your best friend?
You (pointing to me : ) Insert AWWWWW here : )

14.What does Daddy do for a job?
Put gas in his car
`But what does he do for a job?
He goes to work.
To work.
`Where’s work?
Far away

15. What does Mommy do?
You put gas in the car
`But what does Mommy do for a job?
You go to school for a job.

16. What is autism?
Autism awareness is about college studying.

17. Do you have autism?
`What does that mean to you?
Autism means to me that I like studying to college.


I hope you enjoyed this little question and answer section. It was great to make JJ a part of this. The questions were all random and asked the moment I typed them. No particular order, theme etc. Just whatever cam to mind. What would you like to know? JJ is happy to read and respond. Thank you all for your time. Be on the look out for more great stuff coming your way. On a mission here.

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6 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 79 – The Interview…

  1. JJ, Do you like to draw if so, what?
    Do you like to paint if so, what?
    Do you play with clay?
    Do you have a favorite story if so what?
    Do you do any chores?

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