My Boy: Part 78

This week flew by once again. Karate, ESY, library, Sensory Breaks, home therapy, reading and lots of learning and play. A little flapping here and there due to happiness and being excited. One more week of ESY and then the rest of the summer off to discover and learn more great things and to get ready for first grade. Wow, first grade already!! He is going to be six on Monday : ). Where has the time gone? He has accomplished so much since his diagnosis. My husband and I were just watching videos of JJ’s younger days. His speech has drastically improved. His hearing has improved. Also his vocabulary has increased. Lots of questions!!! Lots and Lots of animal questions everyday. I will take it. Waited a long time to hear his voice. It is all worth it. Early intervention and dedication is key when a child is diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum. It took a lot of work and specialist visits, therapy sessions, IEP meetings and so on but we would do it all over again. Patience plays a huge role. As we know as parents, it is not always easy but it is always work it. Build a strong foundation. Be an advocate. Being my son’s voice and protector. He is such an inspiration. Autism is the frosting on the cupcake. Sometimes, there may be way too much frosting and sometimes there may not be enough, but in the end the cupcake is still sweet anyhow.


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