My Boy: Part 77

Today JJ went to the trampoline park. He was anxious and getting desperate upon arrival because we had to wait. He starting acting up. He was also hitting himself. He was very impatient. It was time to go in. Again, frustrated because he had to wait on line. Frustrated because he had to wait in each additional section. We got through that. A nice guy let us jump the line in one part. I guess he saw Jorge’s behaviors and felt bad for him. Anyhow we got to the open trampolines. He loved it. That’s until someone else jumped with him. He did not like that so he would growl and hiss at them. So time went on. He was jumping and enjoying now and was happy because he ran out to tell me he loves me. He went back to jumping and playing. Then a little girl came up to me to tell me Jorge keeps following her. I just smiled and looked out for Jorge. A while later a boy came to tell me Jorge was following him and I just replied, be is a small kid and not doing anything wrong. OK eyes back on JJ. A few minutes later the same little girl tells me again that JJ keeps following her and her brother and they don’t like it. Well I proceeded to tell her that he’s small and not doing anything wrong. I asked if he was hitting and he was not doing anything like that. So as she was walking away, I called her back and she came. I said that Jorge doesn’t mean to be doing that and he has something called autism. She said OK and left to get her brother. She was telling her brother what I said then I heard her say let’s go somewhere else. Now I’m not sure she knew what autism is but maybe she did. Not sure. I was going to explain it to her in simple terms. But maybe I didn’t get the chance to cause maybe I just didn’t have to. It could’ve been her brother had autism too, who knows. Maybe. There were three parents there with children on the spectrum. An autism mommy can just sense these things sometimes. I just looked at one handsome boy and said to myself he has autism. I wasn’t judging but naturally observing. Anyhow come to find out I saw him walk by with an autism shirt on. Anyway it was nice to see other autism mommies even though I didn’t interact with them. After all that JJ had a decent time and actually wanted to leave early. On the way home he asked a ton of questions, non stop. Mostly about exotic animals. We got home, the questions continued. Oh, get this, he found a piece of wood in the driveway because my husband is working on something. He proceeds to examine the wood closely. It was about a little smaller than a brick. He called it a driftwood brick. He examined it more and he then told me the wood is seven years old. He counted the rings on the edge as if it was a tree trunk. Indeed, it did have seven. I was impressed. Not sure where he got that from. But I thought it was super cool.
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Dany xxoo


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