My Boy: Part 76

“What is a moon’s favorite day, Mommy?”..hmm..”IT’s MOONday :). Love it!1 Absolutely love it. It really amazed me. He told me this joke, on his own, out of the blue sitting at the kitchen table. I cracked up, he cracked up. I was thoroughly impressed.Then he proceeded to tell me that the sun’s favorite day is SUNday. Each time something like this occurs, I revel over the achievements that he is making continuously and that he has been making over he years since being diagnosed with autism when he was three.Going from saying 6 words, to being nonverbal until the age of 4 and some change or so, now to completely blowing my mind with the vocabulary that he has. He is a little sponge and I feel that autism is his fuel to keep going, becoming stronger and he, too can make a difference in someone’s life because for my husband and myself; he surely has made quite the grand difference for sure. Autism will never hold him back. He is a child, first. Autism is secondary. My indigo <3. I do not want to change him but I do want to change how the world sees him. He is valuable, in fact he is priceless and has so much to offer. I am proud of my son JJ (J.lo.)


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