JJ is Au-Some


Yes, JJ is Au-some. He is doing well n ESY. Still working on him saying good morning and thank you to the bus driver. Sometimes when he comes home, he is so stimulated and excited that he does not say hello to me or my husband. We re working very diligently with him on that one. We do not want to make him feel uncomfortable but at the same time, we want him to be polite and at very least acknowledge others with a hello when he is entering a home or room. He has been enjoying the trampoline park and being with the children at the Y also. He loves being around other children as it really makes him feel good. He loves company. It is great for his social skills. Speaking of that, he has been communicating well with the other boys at karate, engaging in back and forth dialogue. He is ausome, and autism will never stop him. It will empower him, full force. I am not sure if he knows or understands that he is different. He knows he has autism but does not exactly what it means and the effect it has etc, etc. He is a healthy child and that is what matters. He is keeping busy and active this summer. On the go, learning new things. I let him be- a “typical” child. He runs, plays and all that fun stuff. He wants to be included in all things. Any child that befriends my son will be rewarded with an honest, loving caring friendship. My son is wise beyond his years. He talks and repeats and repeats and states facts about animals and that is who he is. I never knew there were so many different types of geckos or that that octopuses have tentacle regeneration or that hawks use their talons for picking up prey – I did not even know what a talon was (lol) He is my indigo baby, my gift from God. Autism is just the icing on the cake we call JJ. It is not always easy but it IS easy to love him.


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