My Boy: Part 75

Happy Independence Day from JJ and family!! Since it was rainy all day today, we went to the mall. At the mall, JJ played in the arcade. He was getting tickets and was so excited to score some candy from a grab machine. He knocked down some ducks and did a few other things but most of all he wanted to go into Target. He had a mini meltdown but then he was able to calm himself. We walked around a lot and when it was time to come home, he did not fuss too much. Over all, it was a cool time. It was good to get him out of the house and some fresh air. He had a good time when he woke up this morning and was singing in the mini van to and from, a bunch of silly made up songs. He was feeling good. Before we left, he played with Daddy and had a lot of fun. He read, he ate a lot and we were off.

He was not over stimulated in the mall but he was flapping quite a bit before we went on the escalator. He was happy. Tomorrow we are going to the YMCA and hopefully we can get him into soccer. That is what he would like to do. Long weekend, picnic tomorrow and back to ESY on Monday. No Fireworks. Loud noises bother him, a lot. He is not interested. He covers his ears when he flushes the toilet and also when I start his bath water, he will cover his ears. My baby, love him so very much!! A spectrum of HOPE awaits him. My piece to the puzzle.


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