My Boy: Part 74


First day of ESY, extended school year.JJ woke up well and in good spirits until….we could not find his Pokemon toy. I helped him look in the pool and his room, nowhere, could not find THAT toy and that was the only thing he wanted. Back and forth for a while, looking and looking. He had a mini meltdown. He wanted that Pokemon toy and nothing else would do. He settled on a toy snake and a mini ladybug. He was OK. My husband and I put him on the bus. We drove to the school and waited for him, He got off the bus and looked a little sad and told us he felt that way. If I was feeling a little anxious, I was thinking so much about his feelings. I was worried he would become overstimulated. Wow, Lots of NEW things. New bus and bus driver, new bus monitor, new school, new teachers..for JJ this is a whole lot to take in all at once. All in all he did well. We waited for his teacher to come inside the gym and we walked with them up to the classroom. We stayed for a bit. He made his name tag and drew the three of us. He seemed well but I did not want to leave him. The school was huge. everything was different. I was thinking and I have to trust that everything would be OK. There were 5 kids in the class and the teacher has two aides, so I really love that ratio. Anyhow, the teacher is a young vibrant male, nice personality.I wanted to stay in the room with them, I know I know. I am thinking too. Who has ASD here, is it me or JJ?

He gets off the bus in the afternoon. He was happy as can be. He says he loves Mr. A and that Mr. A is a cool guy. He just could not wait to go back to school again today just to see Mr. A. That was my relief. That made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed my son saying that. He woke up bright and happy today. He was excited to go see Mr A again. He slept in his bed all night and was so happy to tell me that this morning. He got dressed and was so happy to wear his Phineas and Ferb shirt with lobster shorts. He picked it out. I went with it, it is cool. He loves that he does not have to wear a uniform, woohoo!! I know, huh. He brushed his teeth, got ready and ate and was excited to wait for the bus. Today, he too a small Buzz Lightyear phone in his pocket. Oh and by the way, I found his Pokemon toy yesterday, while he was at school. It was floating in the pool. I do not know how we did not see it in the morning. Needless to say he was thrilled when I gave it to him and had a great day swimming and playing. Oh yeah, and he loves sun block now, who would have thought? He keeps wanting to apply it. This is a sensory kid here, so we are making advances. I love my piece to the puzzle.




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