My Boy: Part 73

The PPT meeting at the end of JJ’s Kindergarten school year was a success. We are very satisfied with how the meeting flowed. It was comfortable being there. Everyone who has worked with my son over the past school year genuinely knows him. His specialized instruction teacher, his general education teacher, his speech and occupational therapists, principal, social worker and school psychologist. The meeting went on for over an hour and a half I believe. We lost track of time. As a mommy, I felt so warm and honored that they know my son on a personal level and that he is not just another student, another kid, but a child that is treated with love and respect in which all children deserve.

Tomorrow Jorge will being started ESY or extended school year until July 25th.He is excited. He says and thinks he is going to high school. It is OK< we will let him think that. He also mentions that he will miss his school and I reassure. him that he will be going back there at the end of August

So tomorrow it is..a new bus, a new bus driver, a new school, new teachers,, So yes, my husband and I will be following the bus all the way to the new school. It is a bit far. We want to make sure our son is taken care of and is safe. He will be going from 8 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. This leaves plenty of time for play and exploration and open ended learning fun.



2 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 73

  1. So wonderful to hear that the meeting went well. It’s so important to see and recognize that the people in your child’s life care for and value your child. Everything becomes easier in a sense… as you’re working as a team.

    Best wishes to all of you in this transition.

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