My Boy: The Ultimate Special

You see him. He’s the child wearing Superman sneakers and a Spiderman book bag. He also carries  Star Wars lunch bag after switching from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles earlier in the school year. He sleeps on Sponge Bob sheets and uses an Angry Birds blanket. He washes with Cars body wash and loves to wear his Phineas and Ferb T shirt to bed. He got a new Mario Brothers Toothbrush and loves Marvel Heroes band aids when he gets a boo boo. He loves his Angry Bird Star Wars underwear and has a ton of Star Wars stickers on his bedroom wall. He is always carrying something in his hand. He loves animals. He carries around books, usually about animals. He is a green belt in Tiny Tiger Tang Soo Do karate and wants to play soccer. He plays the guitar with his left hand and is eager to continue to learn Spanish. He believes in God and likes to pray at night. In his room, he has a framed picture of Jesus on his wall. Beautiful and it was per his request. He was reading long before he could speak. He loves to play and learn. You mention Dollar Tree and he’s right there. He chases girls on the playground and kisses them. He lines up his toys and flaps his hands. Sometimes  he has vocal stims. He loves to swim and has no fear of the ocean. He is sensitive and kind. He is sympathetic as well as empathetic. He is sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds. He asks repetitive questions and wants detailed answers. He has OT and Speech therapy. He has specialized instruction and an IEP. He’s unique. His super power is Autism. He’s my piece to the puzzle and he’s perfect to me.



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