My Boy: Part 72

JJs last day of kindergarten. I’m glad he went to school happy. It will keep him busy to vet his mind off of the loss of his two precious guinea pigs in which he lived so much. They were part of the family. His first pets ever. They brought joy to everyone. To explain the death of his piggies has been difficult. It is a hard task. Kids, especially JJ, ask a lot of questions. Like way more than the typical child. He wants to know why, and how and when.. When are they coming back mommy? Daddy, I do not want my guinea pigs to go to Heaven. What does one do or say to their child? My husband buried them in a nice And safe spot on our property. My husband was digging the dirt and JJ would pop out  few times to see and ask questions. At this time we had both the piggies outside in a cage together resting peacefully. My husband placed new bedding on the bottom of the hole. Then he placed fresh hay and then  the piggies on top of them to lie together.JJ saw the hole dug up. We as a family sat by it and we prayed. Jorgito cried and I could not help to cry as well. He wanted them out and asked when will they be alive again. Then he got up and went in the house to watch TV . He is very emotional. He feels and thinks deeply. He’s connected to the universe. Being on the autism spectrum, JJ is unique and what he feels must be valued. It must be respected and given proper attention. He is our piece to the puzzle. His inquiring mind is a blessing from God. I wish I could take away his hurt.




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