My Boy: Part 71

My boy lost his guinea pigs this past Sunday. Just two days ago JJ is understandably very sad. He is hurt, angry and upset. i have been very worried about him. It is very sad and hurts us as a family and when my son is hurting it is heartbreaking. He loves those animals so very much. They were company, therapy and his friends. There is a void and it really hurts. Who knew that 2 guinea pigs could leave such an impact. We love those animals.JJ woke up last night crying saying that they are gone. He asks about them and as any child would, he wants them back home with him. The death of our piggies happened suddenly and without warning. The same day within five to ten minutes of each other. Something unexplainable. They were just great and healthy running around right before the incident. My son is grieving. It is difficult. He was sad in school. He was so used to his Guinea pigs. Looking for ways to help him cope. Keeping him busy. He is intense. His feelings are deep. Being on the spectrum, he gets overstimulated..(to be continued…) Prayers are welcome. Thank you. Any advice? Experience? Please share.
– Dany



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