I Read Ya!!!


So blessed and happy that JJ is reading at a second grade level. We were informed of this at his PPT meeting yesterday. I knew he was beyond the Kindergarten level since he has been reading before he could even speak,, but to hear this news was wonderful because it shows how much JJ has advanced and made as well as continues to make improvements in all areas. Books are his “thing”, well one of them at least. He loves to read. It has been a natural thing for him. We kept going with it, never pushing. It was right for him. All children are different. All children have their “thing”. There are areas in which he is superior to “typical” children his age and other areas, such as social, where he is not. It is OK. Autism is a super ability. it is a “label”. He is part of the spectrum. I would not change him for the world. But ya know as his mommy, I do want to change the world for him.


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