My Boy: Part 67

Some Fun Facts about JJ…

He likes small and tiny toys and figures.

He likes to put those toys and figures inside plastic bags, socks, ziplocs, bookbags, pouches or whatever else can hold something.

He always has to have and hold something small inside of one of his hands. Whichever hand he is holding something in, he will use the other to write if he needs / has to do so.

He is very sensitive to loud noises and bright lights / sun. He will cover his ears and eyes when exposed to either one.

He flaps out of excitement.

He lines up his toys.

He loves to read.

He is a morning person for the most part and can be sometimes crabby after school for the first few minutes.

He has many little obsessions at a time such as Angry Birds, Star Wars and Mario Brothers.

So..what do you want to know about JJ? Ask away..we look forward to your questions and will reply to you.
Thank you!!
P.S. The questions and answers will help in brainstorming and preparing for a part of the book I plan on putting together for Jorge’s Autism Journey. The above fun facts were just something quick that I could think of from the top of my head. Let me know what you would like to know. I appreciate your time and interest.



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