My Boy: Part 64

What a great weekend. Friday was Jorge Juan’s ceremony for the student of the month. He was very happy and excited. He was equally super happy for the other children in different grades as well. He was clapping, woo hoo-ing and all that jazz. It was cool. He picked the name out of the hat for a raffle and was interacting with the other children and teachers as my husband and I sat back and watched him. The principal cut his sausage and pancakes for breakfast and we noticed that he was using his left hand to eat. He still is using both hands a lot but that is fine as long as he is able to do his day to day tasks and function. He is such a blessing because he was excited, to say the least about my graduation the next day, (this past Saturday) and Mother’s Day too. He behaved super well. He had a good time and was happy to take pictures. The noise of the music did not bother him that mush this year at it did at my Bachelor ceremony.

Jorge Juan is becoming more independent each day. He is getting himself dressed, almost in completion now. He mostly puts on his shoes and washes his body when he is in the bath. He brushes his teeth by himself and requires help sometimes. He is learning how to independently wash his face. It is amazing to see the things he does now when years ago he did not speak, let alone do half of these things that many people may take for granted. From a young age, he always worked an iPad or iPhone with ease but something as simple as picking a spoon up to eat was very difficult for Jorge Juan. He could read before he was potty trained fully. He could recite the alphabet and count backwards from 10 to 1 before he could put on his shoes. Never once, losing hope. Always, forever gaining strength. He is stronger than autism.



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