My Boy: Part 63

Jorge Juan was chosen for the student of the month. He is very excited and we are very proud of him. It makes a mommy feel good to know that her son is student of the month despite being on the autism spectrum. It is really great and we are thankful to his teacher that nominated him for the title Kindergarten student of the Month.The awards ceremony will be held on this Friday.He has been doing very well the past two days in school which is especially grand because he missed last Thursday and Friday and went only an hour or so on Wednesday due to having a fever. He shot back up to being himself in no time. Now he has been back to flapping more often. At church on Sunday, he was stimulated. As we were in line going fro communion, he was standing in the center of two lines pacing back and forth and flapping happily. I gently put my hand on his shoulder to come back in line in front of us. He repeated the behavior a few more times. I do not know if people were judging him not knowing his situation or what but what I can say is that I would never stop my son for being himself and doing what makes him comfortable and happy even if no one understands it at all. Who knows or cares if they thought he was a small child acting out..not me. God knows my son. That is all we need there.He did well at karate the past two times except for the hand in mouth thing which now seems to be dwindling away. It will get better. He has done his homework. He has been reading and overall well. He wakes up without a problem but once he gets to brushing his teeth or getting dressed at times there is stomping, grunting, No but it gets done. He brings his lunch bag and is happy about that, it gives him yet another thing to look forward to. Cherry tomatoes, raw baby carrots, snap peas,crackers and yogurt, it is what he loves to take with him to school. He plays for  a few minutes outside before he gets on the bus . This morning he discovered my noise canceling head phones and wanted to wear them to school. I told him after school he can because they can get lost. He was OK, only a little upset but better than the meltdown any ole day. He is happy, today is occupational therapy at the rehab center and he love sit. He enjoys going early to play with the kids in the waiting room. Oh yeah and he told me and my husband that he fell in love with two girls at school yesterday while having recess at the playground. He kissed them, yes he did . The teacher sent a note home to me about that. It was cute and funny. This goes to show people that children on the spectrum can be empathetic, sympathetic and show their feelings.Image


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